Research events

King's College provides support for conferences, linked seminars and workshops of particular interest to the Fellowship. Applications for support should be directed to the Research Committee.

Lent Term 2015
17 February
The sins of the fathers: the biology of non-genetic inheritance
Prof Eric Miska
Audit Room
24 February
Human stem cell models of cerebral cortex development, evolution and disease
Dr Rick Livesey
Audit Room
25 February

Talks by King's Junior Research Fellows

  • Enzymes: The Catalysts You (Literally) Cannot Live Without
    Stephen Fried
  • What is The State?
    Paul Sagar
  • Three blind mice: transplanting photoreceptor cells as a therapeutic approach to treat blindness
    Amanda Barber:
  • Education in Exile: Palestinians and the Hashemite Regime, 1948-1967
    Mezna Qato
Audit Room

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