Current Junior Research Fellows

Arts and humanities

Aleksandar Stević

Aleksandar Stević Aleksandar Stević (Literary Studies, 2013) works mainly on 19th and 20th century novel in English and French, and is particularly interested in the intersections of literary, social, and intellectual history. His published and forthcoming work includes essays on Dickens, Balzac, Joyce, and George Eliot, among others. He has recently completed a book on the history of the bildungsroman between the 1830s and the 1920s and is currently at work on a new book project which focuses on 19th century novel and the history of political thought.

Hanna Weibye

Hanna Weibye (History, 2013) works on the history of Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her research focuses on the intellectual history of nationalism, particularly the use of national character as a political concept. She is also interested in performativity in politics: the idea that bodies and gestures, much as words and ideas, can make political statements.

Aline Guillermet

Aline Guillermet (Art History and Theory, 2016) is a Junior Research Fellow in Visual Studies. She studies twentieth century and contemporary European and American art, with a special interest in theories of representation, photography, and digital media. Her postdoctoral research aims to investigate the ways in which digital visual culture has impacted upon painterly practices since the 1980s.

Alice Blackhurst

Alice Blackhurst works at the intersection between contemporary critical theory and visual studies; her current research looks at an aesthetics of luxury in relation to modern French thinkers and Francophone visual arts practitioners.  Other interests include feminist and gender studies, the use of clothing in contemporary installation projects, and film.

Marwa Mahmoud

Mezna Qato Histories of education, class, development, and popular mobilization, especially amongst refugee and exile communities; comparative settler-colonialism; politics and practices of archives.

Paul Sagar

Paul Sagar works on the history of political thought and contemporary political theory. His main areas of expertise relate to eighteenth century theories of politics and morals, the origin and nature of the modern state, and contemporary accounts of legitimacy in the aid of a 'realist' political theory. He has recently completed a draft manuscript of his first book, The Opinion of Mankind: Sociability and the State from Hobbes to Smith.

Stephen Wertheim

Stephen Wertheim (History, 2015) works on the United States in the world since the late nineteenth century, specializing in American ideas of international law and order. His current project asks how, during World War II, American officials and intellectuals came to think the United States should become the supreme political and military power in the world.

Megan Donaldson

Megan Donaldson (History of International Law, 2015) works on the history of international law and diplomacy. She is currently working on a book about the renegotiation of diplomatic secrecy from the late nineteenth century to the early Cold War.


Amanda Barber

Goylette Chami is interested in the identification and treatment of morbidity attributable to human helminthiases. Her research focuses on developing complex network methodologies for improving mass drug administration.

Amanda Barber

Amanda Barber Methods to promote Retinal ganglion cell (RGCs) axon regeneration following axonal damage by injury or disease.

Juan Garaycoechea

Juan Garaycoechea DNA repair. Identifying endogenous sources of DNA damage and studying the physiological consequences of this damage

James Taylor

James Taylor The aerodynamics of compressors. 3D flows and their structure, those which limit the efficiency and stability of an aircraft jet engine.

Stephen Fried

Stephen Fried (Chemistry, 2014) works in synthetic and chemical biology.  His research has two primary aims: the development of novel biotechnological tools that incorporate unnatural amino acids into proteins, thereby expanding the chemical repertoire of protein space; and secondly, the application of such unnatural amino acids to study fundamental life processes in vivo, such as tRNA decoding.

Marwa Mahmoud

Marwa Mahmoud is a research associate at the Graphics and Interaction group. Her research interests lie in the field of affective computing and social signal processing. Her research draws on computer vision, machine learning, human computer interaction and psychology.

Valentina Migliori

Valentina Migliori (Biological Sciences, 2013) is a research fellow at the Cambridge Gurdon Institute for Cancer and Developmental Biology. She is interested in an area of study called epigenetics, which is about the control of gene expression beyond the DNA sequence.

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