Current Junior Research Fellows

Arts and humanities

Aleksandar Stević

Aleksandar Stević (English, 2013) studies the 19th and 20th century novel, and is particularly interested in the intersections of literary form and developments in social, intellectual and political history. He is currently studying the development of the European Bildungsroman between 1830 and 1930.

Hanna Weibye

Hanna Weibye (History, 2013) works on the history of Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her research focuses on the intellectual history of nationalism, particularly the use of national character as a political concept. She is also interested in performativity in politics: the idea that bodies and gestures, much as words and ideas, can make political statements.


Mark Ainslie

Mark Ainslie (Engineering, 2012) is in the Bulk Superconductivity Group at the Department of Engineering. He is interested in the electrical engineering applications of high temperature superconductors.

Hadi Godazgar

Hadi Godazgar (Mathematics, 2012) works on string theory and supergravity. He is in particular interested in duality symmetries, which can be used to understand various aspects of string theory and supergravities, and their associated generalised geometry.

Mahdi Godazgar

Mahdi Godazgar (Mathematics, 2012) is interested in various aspects of theoretical gravitational research including higher dimensional gravity, black holes and supergravity. In particular, he works on issues related to finding new gravitational solutions and studying their stability, as well as the relation between theories in various dimensions and the generalised structures that emerge from these investigations.

Richard Merrill

Richard Merrill (Evolutionary Biology, 2011) is interested in genetics and the evolution of new species, and specialises in the genetics of the Heliconius cydno and Heliconius melpomene Butterfly species.

Valentina Migliori

Valentina Migliori (Biological Sciences, 2013) is a research fellow at the Cambridge Gurdon Institute for Cancer and Developmental Biology. She is interested in an area of study called epigenetics, which is about the control of gene expression beyond the DNA sequence.

John Ottem

John Ottem (Pure Mathematics, 2013) is a Research associate of the Department of Pure mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, working in the field of algebraic geometry. His research focuses on birational geometry, which aims to study and classify higher-dimensional algebraic varieties.

Ben Phalan

Ben Phalan (Zoology, 2012) works on the environmental sustainability of food production, and in particular how food production and biodiversity conservation can be reconciled.

Oscar Randal-Williams

Oscar Randal-Williams (Mathematics, 2012) works on algebraic and geometric topology. In particular, he is interested in various moduli spaces which arise in topology, such as Riemann's moduli space, moduli spaces of smooth manifolds, and configuration spaces, and ways to study them using tools from homotopy theory.

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