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Dr Anastasia Piliavsky

Anastasia Norton-Piliavsky
Research Fellow
Social Anthropology

Anastasia Piliavsky holds degrees from Boston University and from Oxford, where she read anthropology as a Rhodes Scholar. She has worked in Russia and in Mongolia, but over the last decade her work has focused on the north Indian state of Rajasthan. Her doctoral work was about a 'caste of thieves' known as Kanjars. Since then, she has written on aspects of Indian politics, crime, and secrecy, publishing in Modern Asian Studies, Comparative Studies in Society and History, and Cambridge Anthropology, among other journals. She is a co-Investigator in a collaborative study of democratic cultures and ‘muscular’ politics in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, funded by the British and European Research Councils. She is also the editor of Patronage as Politics in South Asia (CUP, 2014).


  • 2014. Patronage as Politics in South Asia (ed). Cambridge University Press.

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