Research Committee

Grants from the Research Committee

Seminar support application

  • Fellows Research Funds

    Fellows are entitled to claim £1000 per year in research expenses. For requests within this amount, please contact the first bursar’s secretary. Requests for greater amounts go to a Research Committee meeting. The committee may award a further £500.

    Expenses eligible for reimbursement at the discretion of the Research Committee include:

    • attendance at conferences (including fees, travel costs, accommodation costs, and a contribution towards meals);
    • visiting other academic institutions and making field trips;
    • editorial assistance with academic publications that will not produce revenue, or where the revenue is clearly less than the likely costs;
    • purchase of books and periodicals required for teaching or research;
    • photocopying expenses;
    • purchase of a computer and related hardware and software;
    • other expenses directly related to the Fellow's research and approved by the Research Committee.

    Supplementary funds application

  • Meetings

    Meetings are usually only supported when they are in King’s or have a major King’s component. Because of the limited committee budget sums are usually no more than £2000.

    Conferences support application

  • Work in progress seminars

    Work in progress seminars are designed to bring a prominent research to King’s to participate in several seminars and discussions. The committee funds travel(economy), accommodation in King’s, refreshments at meetings. Dining at high table may be supported, but fellows are encouraged to invite seminar participants as guests.

    Work in progress seminar support

  • Summer Research Projects

    Fellows may apply for funds to support short term (up to 6 weeks) research projects with undergraduates of any university.

    Undergraduates from any institution, home or overseas, are eligible. Grants will support the accommodation and subsistence of the student within Kings for the duration of the project. Research costs and travel will not be covered. A report prepared by the student, or jointly by the student and Fellow, must be submitted to the Committee on completion of the work.

    Undergraduate project application

  • College seminar series

    The research committee will support regular seminar series held within King’s. Funding will be for the travel and entertainment of visiting speakers and for refreshments at the seminars.

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