New blog showcases the Library and Archive collections

Illumination from the Founder's Charter

Illumination from the Founder's Charter, 1446. The Lords and Commons petition Henry VI, who prays for his College (Henry founded King's in 1441).
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The King's College Library and Archive Centre have launched a new blog to showcase their collections.

'King's Treasures: Special Collections of King's College Cambridge' will feature stories and news items (with photographs) about the rare books held in the Library. It will also feature the administrative archives and personal papers of noted people associated with the College, which are held in the Archive Centre.

The blog is intended to raise awareness of the College’s rich history as well as provide a source of education and amusement. If you have any questions about the items posted on the blog, or any other special collections in the Library/Archives, please do get in touch.


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19 March 2015