Research Associate starts educational foundation

Maximilian Bock teaching hardware to Indian children

Maximilian Bock teaching Indian children about computer hardware

College Research Associate Maximilian Bock has co-founded an educational programme for poor children in India and Kenya.

The programme is called Madanyu ('little elephant' in Gujarati) and uses the budget computer Raspberry Pi to give children the opportunity to learn IT and creative skills, with the aim of increasing the children's career prospects.

Maximilian says: "The traditional NGO model is to take computers to these countries and just give them out and leave them there. While the children are initially happy to see a computer, this wears off very quickly. We thought we'd try and do something different and get it right."

He and his colleagues run three-day courses in these schools, provide them with educational packs, and aim to create long-term partnerships with them.

For more information see the Madanyu website.

Summer placements in India and Mozambique are now available for interested undergraduate and graduate students. Visit Madanyu Recruitment for details.

8 May 2015