Andreas Bender wins the Corwin Hansch Award 2014

Andreas Bender

King's Fellow Dr Andreas Bender has just won the 2014 Corwin Hansch Award in Chemistry. Andreas is Lecturer for Molecular Informatics at the Chemistry Department, and won the award for his "outstanding contributions in the field of molecular similarity, and integrating biological and chemical descriptors for in silico pharmacology".

Andreas develops computer models to predict the toxicity of chemical combinations. We have thousands of chemicals in the environment around us, including in the products we use. These chemicals can produce millions of compounds combinations, whose toxicity is expensive to evaluate, and may involve testing on animals.

Andreas uses chemical and biological data in his models to predict which compound combinations are more toxic than others. With the same computer models, he also aims to predict the most effective drug combinations, and the combinations with fewest side-effects.

For more information about the award see the Hansch-Fujita Foundation website. For more information about Andreas, see his Department webpage.

1 October 2014