College statements on Higher Education funding

Both the Council and the Governing Body of King's have made statements this week about the current proposals for changing the funding of higher education and increasing student fees.

The College Council met on Tuesday 30 November and decided on the following statement:

The Council of King’s College Cambridge strongly supports the call for a Public Commission of Inquiry on the future of Higher Education in England and Wales. We share the anxiety currently expressed by many citizens that the Government’s Higher Education Fee proposals will both limit access to and undermine the quality of Higher Education teaching and research.

More about the call for a Commission of Inquiry can be found here:

On Thursday 2 December the Governing Body of King's, with over 75 Fellows and four student Members, met in their Annual Congregation and passed the following resolution:

The members of the Governing Body of King’s College, Cambridge express their deep concern at the undue haste with which the government is proceeding to enact legislation to change the principle upon which the funding of higher education is based. We believe that these proposed changes have the potential to inflict irreversible damage upon our culture of education, learning and research. We also congratulate CUSU in particular, along with the many student unions across the country in their current highly successful efforts to bring this concern to the wider public in Britain and beyond.

3 December 2010