Using the library catalogues

The Library has three catalogues:

  1. Online catalogue
  2. Original hand-written catalogue
  3. Rowe Library catalogue

 For information about the Special Collections catalogues, please follow the links on the main contents page of this guide.

The online catalogue

In the catalogue bay in the Main Library and in the Rowe reading room you will find search terminals where you can search the holdings of the Library via the online catalogue. This catalogue can also be accessed by any online computer without restriction. Search the library catalogue.

The online catalogue employs a full-text searching mechanism, which means that you can look for a book by author, title, subject, keyword, year, classmark, or series or indeed through a word in the contents and notes fields. You can also browse the catalogue under many headings.


Recalls / holds

To recall a book that is on loan (referred to as "placing a hold"):

  1. Search for the book you need in the catalogue
  2. Click on 'Place hold'
  3. Fill in the barcode number from the back of your University card (5 letters/digits, usually beginning with V) in the user id field
  4. Click 'Place hold'

Purchase requests

To request the Library to buy a book:

  1. See our policy on book recommendations
  2. Click on the 'Recommend to purchase' link in the top toolbar
  3. Fill in the form that appears

My account

To check your account, change your pin or renew your books:

  1. Log in to e-Library by typing your user id into the box at the top right of the screen and clicking on 'Login to e-Library'
  2. Click on the 'My Account' link on the purple toolbar
  3. Log out once you have finished
  4. To make your accountmore secure, there is the option to create a PIN the first time you log in:
    1. After logging in, click on 'My Account'
    2. Click on 'User PIN Change'
    3. Enter a memorable PIN or password in the 'Enter new PIN' box, and again in the 'Re-enter new PIN' box
    4. Click on 'Change PIN' to make your account secure

Another way to view our holdings

The Library's holdings can also be searched via iDiscover. This catalogue does not show the current loan status of each title however, as they do not hold our circulation details.

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Original hand-written catalogue

This consists of the hand-written bolted volumes shelved in the catalogue bay. The entries are arranged alphabetically by author or editor, or by the title for an anonymous work. Each entry gives the classmark of a classified book, or the fixed shelf mark for the older (pre-1830) stock. A red "S", or similar symbol, indicates that a book has been placed in store. Please ask a member of the Library staff if you wish to gain access to books in store, but please give reasonable notice as immediate fetching is seldom possible. Most store books must be read in the Library when the Library staff are present.

Fry, Roger Eliot King's College, Cambridge

{Vision and design/ by Roger Fry V 7BY 43L Fry/1

London: Chatto & Windus, 1920

{Transformations: critical and speculative essays on art/ by Roger Fry

London: Chatto & Windus, 1926 GR V 7BY 43L Fry 2a

The online catalogue should be consulted in the first instance for all material, but if you are searching for older or rare material and it doesn't come up there, then the hand-written catalogue should be your next port of call.

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Rowe Music Library catalogue

All open access music books and journals and some opera scores have been catalogued on the online catalogue, and the collected works of major composers are currently being catalogued. The online borrowable stock can be borrowed via the loans terminal in the Main Library. The major part of the Rowe Library holdings, however, has not been catalogued online, and titles are recorded in a series of typed catalogue books in the Rowe Library reading room on the second floor. There is a related subject index.

BEETHOVEN, (Ludwig van) cont.

Duett mit zwei obligaten Augengläsern. Sonatensatz für Viola und Violoncello. Herausg. von Fritz Stein.

Fol. Leipzig, C.F. Peters.
No. 51.
____________ Two further copies.
13. 72-3.

This record describes three copies of a piece of unbound music. The first one is the 51st item in Box LXIII in the middle bay of the Rowe, while the second and third copies are reserved items. Apply to the Librarian if you wish to see a reserved item.

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