The Library photocopier is located in the last room on the left, on the upper level of the first floor. It can produce both black & white and colour copies. Copyright laws are to be observed strictly in its use. The University holds a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency, which authorises copying from its repertoire, and a User Guide is posted on the wall in the photocopying room.

Photocopying cards

You can buy disposable photocopy cards from the library issue desk. Cards cost £2.40 each and hold 40 credits. Charges per copy are as follows:

A4 b&w 6 pence (1 credit)  ;  A3 b&w 12 pence (2 credits) ;  A4 colour 24 pence (4 credits) ;  A3 colour 48 pence (8 credits)

Getting more paper

If you need more paper between 9am - and 5.30pm weekdays, just ask at the library desk. Don't leave photocopying of important documents until the last minute! 

Resolving problems

If there is a paper jam or other problem with the library copier which you can't fix yourself, please ask library staff.

Other photocopying facilities

There is also a student photocopying service at CUSU, using top-quality, fully-automated photocopiers which are also cheaper. Their offices are at 11-12 Trumpington Street.

Double-sided copying

Double-sided copying is easy, and it saves paper as well as space in your work folder. To do this, use either A4-upright or A3, depending on what size you want. Copy the first side, and when the paper comes out, put this in the relevant paper tray (at the front of the machine at the bottom), in exactly the same way it came out. You can then copy the second side.


Never use transparencies in the photocopiers unless you're absolutely 110% certain they are suitable- they will melt and cause the photocopier not to work, as will paper with sticky tape or staples on.

Recycling unwanted paper

Please recycle unwanted sheets of paper and the copycards by throwing them away in the paper recycling bins, not the waste bin.

And finally...

Treat the photocopier gently. Believe it or not, inside the machine is a secret stress detector that makes the machine go wrong when you're stressed out, so calm down and don't shout at it or kick it!

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