Digital resources

Library computers and internet access

Data sockets are underneath every desk in the Main Library. There are two at the desk near the entrance, and four in the Balfour Room. In addition to 23 fixed data points, the library also provides wireless network connection. Please be considerate in using computers and try not to disturb other library readers.

In the Balfour Room there are 14 networked computers, with two printers and two scanners. These computers provide a wide range of programmes, file stores, and - through the University Library web page - a vast network of databases, electronic journals, and gateways for academic work and research.

Electronic resources

The University Library  provides access to many electronic resources, including ebook collections, the JSTOR journals archive and the Justis CELEX legal site, most of which are available both within the UL itself and from all computers with an IP address within the Cambridge University domain. Access is granted by the host computers after checking domain name, or through Raven passwords. All new undergraduate and postgraduate students will automatically receive a UIS password (which enables Raven access) from University Information Services  when they register. 

Free ebook collections
King's Library has compiled a set of Diigo bookmarks  which link to lots of useful ebook websites, many of which provide free access to the full text of academic works and/or fiction.

Additional facilities

Microfilm and microfiche readers and a microfilm printer are available for use in the library.

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