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Contents of the Global warming bibliography

You can download the entire Global Warming Bibliography in PDF format or in Word format.

  • Part 1: Overview of global warming

    • Climate change in the past
    • Contemporary global warming: evidence, methodologies and modelling and monitoring
    • Current arguments and key debates
    • Manifestos and programmes for action
    • Individuals: observations and narratives
  • Part 2: The main fields of discourse

    • The sun
    • The atmosphere
    • Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect
    • The ozone layer
    • Carbon and carbon dioxide
    • Carbon and manmade materials
    • Carbon trading and accounting
    • Carbon sequestration
    • Climate and weather
    • Water
    • Demography
    • Sustainability
  • Part 3: Energy: past, present and future

    • General
    • Fossil fuels
    • Nuclear energy
    • The hydrogen economy
    • Renewables (solar, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, hydro, biomass etc)
    • Energy storage and distribution
    • Energy security
    • Hypothetical possibilities
  • Part 4: Impact on the natural world

    • Winds
    • Snow, ice and glaciers
    • Mountains
    • Deserts and arid lands
    • Peatlands and wetlands
    • Groundwater
    • Freshwater
    • Rivers and lakes
    • Tides, seas and oceans
    • Coasts
    • Forests and plants
    • Trees
    • Wildlife and biodiversity
  • Part 6: How individuals and communities can adapt to climate change

    • Adaptability and survival
    • Traditional peoples living in conditions of extreme heat/drought/cold
    • How people can change their homes
    • The six essentials for adapting buildings: ventilation, cooling, insulation, heating, lighting and water usage
    • Managing water and waste
    • Recycling
    • How people can rethink their general lifestyle
    • Transport, travel and tourism
    • Redesigning cities and societies
    • Ethics
  • Part 8: The world stage

    • Green movements
    • Ecocriticism
    • Economics and business
    • Migration and resettlement associated with climate change
    • Conflicts and climate change
    • Politics and psychology
    • Governance, negotiation and co-operation: at local, regional, national and international levels


The bibliography is a work in progress and will be updated regularly to ensure its continued relevance.

Internet users are very warmly encouraged to suggest new acquisitions to cdla [at] ukgateway [dot] net (Caroline Davidson) with the word "KING'S" at the start of the subject line.

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