Finding books on your subject

Main Library

The Library uses the BLISS classification scheme which assigns a lettered code to books on each subject. The main bookstock carrying these class-marks is arranged in alphabetical sequence starting at the entrance, going round the Library in a loop and finishing at the right-hand side of the Library.

7N Computer science N British history
8 Bibliography NW Local collection
A Philosophy O Non-European history
AL Logic P Theology
AM Mathematics Q Criminology
AY Statistics R Politics
B Physics & Engineering T Economics
C Chemistry U Technology
D Astronomy V Fine arts
DH Earth Sciences VV-VW Music (Rowe)
E Biology W Linguistics
F Botany WH Literature
G Zoology XB Russian
H Medicine XM Italian
I Psychology XP Spanish
J Education XS French
K Sociology & Soc. Anthropology XW German
KZ Travel Y English
LA Archaeology Z Classics
L/M General & European History Ref. Reference (not borrowable)

Rowe Library – Scores

Rw.11-13 Violin and keyboard
Rw.15 (cont.) Instrumental solos and duets: strings; strings and piano; flute
Rw.16 Instrumental solos and duets: wind/brass and piano
Rw.19 & 24 Trios (mostly with keyboard)
Rw.30-1 Quartets, quintets and higher
Rw.32 Organ
Rw.33-4 Piano duets
Rw.38 Books of exercises and music lesson books
Rw.49-50 Oratorio vocal scores
Rw.51-4 Piano solo: arranged by composer
Rw.58-61 Piano solo: selections and collections: arranged by period
Rw.73-4 Miniature scores, arranged by composer
Rw.75 Orchestral works, arranged by composer
Rw.81-3 Opera scores (full scores and vocal scores)
Rw.84 Secular vocal scores (collections)
Rw.89 Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst
Rw.101-3 Piano solo; also vocal music with piano accompaniment
Rw.104 Orchestral parts
Rw.105 Orchestral full scores (outsize)
Rw.107 Operatic full scores (outsize)
Rw.108 Oratorio full scores (outsize)
Rw.109-110 Songs: mostly English language (including single composers)
Rw.111-2 Songs: musicals and miscellaneous
Rw.113 Secular choral music: mainly madrigals
Rw.114-6 Sacred choral music
Rw.117-120 Songs: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
Rw.122 Facsimiles

The following numbers are dedicated to collected editions: Rw.4-10, Rw.14-15, Rw.17-18, Rw.20-23, Rw.25-9, Rw.46, Rw.88, Rw.90-7. For specific composers, please see the catalogues.

Rowe Books

VV Music (general)
VV 6 Study of music
VV 7 History of music (general)
VV 8 Histories and overviews of music (by country)
VV 9 Individual composers: biography and criticism
VWA Theory
VWB Composing and producing; techniques
VWC Musical character
VWD Elements of music
VWE Forms of music
VWF-W Music for particular instruments; and for voice
VWX Folk music in the European tradition
VWY-Z Non-European music

For further guidance on locating the appropriate shelves for a subject, look at the library plans above or ask the staff to help you. There is a special area for books of local interest in our local collection located on the second floor corridor. Exam papers are kept in the Balfour Room. All music books and printed music are located on the second floor in the Rowe Music Library. Most travel books are kept in the Graduate suite, and can be fetched if required.

Please note that rare books and music will not be found amongst the main sequence of books, and they are not available for borrowing in the normal way.

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