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The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Prof. Stephen Bann
Midway: letters from Ian Hamilton Finlay to Stephen Bann 1964-69 (Editor)
Prof. Maurice Brian Bayly
Our joyful minds: where does satisfaction come from?
Mr Leslie Bell
Dom Luke Bell
The meaning of blue: recovering a contemplative spirit
Dr Geoffrey Benjamin
Temiar religion 1964-2012: enchantment, disenchantment and re-enchantment in Malaysia’s uplands
Mr Robin Boyle
The listener’s guide to the Bach church cantatas – 12th ed.
Dr Stephen Brown
Two sonnets by Rupert Brooke (1914)
Prof. Christopher M. Brunelle
Ars amatoria. Book 3 (Editor)
Mr Sebastian Carter
History of the Monotype Corporation (Co-author)
Revd Dr Keith Clements
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ecumenical quest
Mr Humphrey Clucas
Quirks and epigrams: poems
Prof. Andrew Day
Braking of road vehicles
Prof. Philippe Descola
Beyond nature and culture
Prof. John Dunn
Breaking democracy’s spell
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Cambridge music manuscripts 900-1700 (Editor)
Early Music History 33 (Editor)
Prof. Takeo Funabiki
Living field: monographs and models concerning human’s social design, based on the Mbotgote in Malakula Island, Vanuatu
Dr Hermann Hauser
The Cambridge phenomenon: 50 years of innovation and enterprise
Mr David H. Higgins
Saint Jordan of Bristol: foundations of English Christianity and culture in the west of England in the seventh century
Prof. Edwin Judge
Engaging Rome and Jerusalem: Historical essays for our time
Mr Raymond Lim
Straight talk: reflections on Singapore politics, economy & society
Dr Christopher Nobbs
The failure of free market economics and the future of New Zealand
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
Unedited interview for “MR James: Ghost writer”
“MR James: Ghost writer” DVD (Contributor)
Prof. Maurice Obstfeld
International economics: theory and policy 10th ed. (Co-author)
Japan’s bubble, deflation, and long-term stagnation (Contributor)
Global economic crisis: impacts, transmission and recovery (Co-editor) )
Global capital markets: integration, crisis, and growth – 2 copies (Co-author) )
Money, capital mobility, and trade: essays in honour of Robert Mundell (Co-editor and contributor) )
International economics: theory and policy 1st ed. (Co-author) )
International economics: theory and policy 4th ed. (Co-author) )
Prof. Robin Osborne
Greek history: the basics
Athenian democracy (Editor)
Cultures of intoxication (Contributor)
Dr Anastasia Piliavsky
Patronage as politics in South Asia (Editor)
Prof. Michael Proctor
Magnetoconvection (Co-author)
Mr Michael Pursglove
Virgin soil (translator)
Dr Michael Reynolds
The theatrical vision of Count Harry Kessler and its impact on the Strauss- Hofmannsthal partnership
Mr Karl Sabbagh
The trials of Lady Jane Douglas: the scandal that divided 18th century Britain
“I’ll see myself out, thank you”: the arguments for medically-assisted rational suicide (Contributor)
Dr Roger Savage
Masques, mayings and music-dramas: Vaughan Williams and the early twentieth-century stage
Dr Katharine Sawyer
Isles of the dead? : the setting and function of the Bronze Age chambered cairns and cists of the Isles of Scilly
Prof. Mohammad Shaheen
Why did you leave the horse alone? (Translator)
Dr S. Frederick Starr
Lost enlightenment: Central Asia’s golden age from the Arab conquest to Tamerlane
Mr Jonathan Steffen
Exposure: forty poems on the theme of love
The colour of love
The book of love & loss: poems for today (Contributor)
Crisis, credibility and corporate history (Contributor)
Mr Christopher Taylor
A macroeconomic regime for the 21st century: towards a new economic order
Inside the bank of England: memoirs of Christopher Dow, Chief Economist 1973-84 (Co-editor)
Ms Susan Tomes
Sleeping in temples
Dr Tony Weir
Renewable energy resources – 3rd ed. (Co-author)
Mr Peter R.C. Williams
Aid to education: an Anglo-American appraisal: report of a Ditchley Foundation conference held at Ditchley Park 26-29 March 1965
Education and development (Contributor)
The overseas student question: studies for a policy (Editor)
The economics of education: proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association (Contributor)
Education in the new South Africa: report of an international colloquium held at South Africa House, London, October 16-18, 1995
Education for all: United Kingdom perspectives: based on the series of conferences on EFA 2001/2002 (Contributor)
Achieving education for all: good practice in crisis and post-conflict reconstruction: a handbook for education policy makers and practitioners in Commonwealth countries
They came to train: a study of responses to their training experience of study fellows coming to Britain under the British Technical Cooperation Programme
North-South debate: educational implications of the Brandt Report (Contributor)
Prof. Anthony Woodman
Agricola (Editor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Ms L. Adams
  • Ms L. Beckett
  • Biteback Publishing
  • Mr D. Briggs
  • Choir of King’s College Chapel
  • Mr S. Cleobury
  • Prof. R. Crawford
  • Ms A. Culver
  • Mr R. Davenport-Hines
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Development office – King’s College
  • Mr C. Evans
  • Prof. I. Fenlon
  • Mr K. Fitzpatrick
  • Mr and Mrs Harris
  • Mr F. Hohler – Public Catalogue Foundation
  • Mr R. Holland
  • Mrs A. Hont
  • Ms J. Hutcheson
  • Mr A. James
  • Mr P.M. Jones
  • Kumon Institute of Education: Language Materials Department
  • Ms A. L’Hostis
  • Mr A. Lawrence
  • Liverpool Record Office
  • Mrs J. Loades
  • Mediobanca
  • Mr R. Morgan
  • Mr G. Munby
  • Prof. W.R. Owens
  • Mr J.D. Pickles
  • Mr G. Pointon
  • Ms L. Pollard
  • Mr J. Rosenberg
  • Prof. J. Searle
  • Mr T. Shibata
  • The Society of Authors
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • University Press of Mississippi
  • Ms Z. Wang

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