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The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Mr John Alldis
English Choral Music - CD (Conductor)
Star clusters, Nebulae & Places in Devon and The Song of the White Horse - CD (Conductor)
Dr John E. Ashburner
Agricultural hand tools in emergencies: guidelines for technical and field officers (Co-author)
Conservation agriculture in Africa (Co-author)
Investment in agricultural mechanization in Africa: conclusions and recommendations of a round table meeting of experts (Co-editor)
Mechanization for rural development: a review of patterns and progress from around the world (Co-editor)
Conservation agriculture: a manual for farmers and extension workers in Africa (Contributor)
Roughage utilization in warm climates (Translator)
Dick Isherwood Mountaineer (Compiler)
Prof. Patrick Bateson
Play, playfulness, creativity and innovation (Co-author)
The domestic cat: the biology of its behaviour (Co-editor and contributor)
Mr Robin Boyle
The listener's guide to the Bach Church Cantatas (10th ed.)
Prof. Michael Byram
Routledge encyclopedia of language teaching and learning - 2nd ed. (Co-editor)
Mr David Campbell
On the make
Prof. Mario Caravale
Diritto senza legge
Ordinamentil giuridici dell'Europa medievale
Storia del diritto nell'Europa moderna e contemporanea
Scritti (2 vols.)
Alle origini del diritto Europeo
Mr Sebastian Carter
The Rampant Lions Press: a narrative catalogue
Mr Richard Causton
Millennium scenes: Chamber symphony & other works - CD
Prof. M.J. Daniels
Fortsetzung sechs leichter klaviersonaten = six further keyboard sonatas (Weimar, 1787) (Co-editor)
Acht fugen = eight fugues (Berlin, 1778) (Co-editor)
Sechs sonaten für das clavier oder pianoforte = six sonatas for the clavichord or pianoforte (Liepzig, 1775) (Co-editor)
Eine sammlung unbekannter claviermusik zum 20. jahrestag der gründung der Deutschen Clavichord Societät (Contributor)
The Very Revd John Drury
Music at midnight: the lift and poetry of George Herbert
Mr Mark Dunman
Has God really finished with Israel?: God's covenants with Abraham, Israel and the Church
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Heinrich Glarean's books: the intellectual world of a sixteenth-century musical humanist (Co-editor)
Early Music History 32 (Editor)
Polychoralities: music, identity and power in Italy, Spain and the New World (Co-editor and contributor)
Prof. John G. Fitch
Wildflowers of the coast: word portraits of selected flowering plants & shrubs of the Pacific Northwest
Dr Ann Frost
The Galician works of Ramón del Valle-Inclán: patterns of repetition and Continuity
Mr Colin Garrett
Musical instruments in the Ashmolean Museum: the complete collection (Business manager)
Prof. Geoffrey Harcourt
The Oxford handbook of Post-Keynesian economics. Vol. 1, Theory and origins (Co-editor)
The Oxford handbook of Post-Keynesian economics. Vol. 2, Critiques and methodology (Co-editor)
Financial crises and the nature of capitalist money: mutual developments from the work of Geoffrey Ingham (Co-editor)
Dr Elaine Housby
Islamic financial services in the United Kingdom
Islamic and ethical finance in the United Kingdom
Prof. Caroline Humphrey
A monastery in time: the making of Mongolian Buddhism (Co-author)
Mr Colin D. Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 35 (Co-editor)
Recent advances in surgery 36 (Co-editor)
Mr Peter Jones
De Arte Physicali et de Cirugia (Co-editor)
Mr Hugh Johnson
The world atlas of wine - 7th ed. (Co-author)
Prof. Mehran Kamrava
Qatar: small state, big politics
Dr James Laidlaw
The subject of virtue: an anthropology of ethics and freedom
Sir Anthony Laughton
Not all at sea: an oceanographer remembers
Prof. Richard Lynn
The chosen people: a study of Jewish intelligence and achievement
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
DVD of a programme about MR James, with outtakes - 2 copies (Contributor) (Archives)
Dr Nicholas Marston
Heinrich Schenker and Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" sonata
Prof. Jean Michel Massing
Hamilton Kerr Institute: Bulletin number 4, 2013 (Contributor)
Marfins no Império Português = Ivories in the Portuguese Empire (Co-author)
Prof. Brian Moloney
Francis of Assisi and his "Canticle of Brother Sun" reassessed
Mr David Morley
Five by 5
Mr Adrian Munsey and Mr Andrew Powell
Full circle - on CD
Full circle - on LP
Dr Ian Nisbet
Terns (Co-author)
Mr Garry O'Connor
Debussy was my grandfather; The madness of Vivian Leigh
Subdued fires: an intimate portrait of Pope Benedict XVI
The 1st Household Cavalry 1943-44: in the shadow of Monte Amaro
Mr Philip Oswald
John Ray's Cambridge catalogue (1660) (Co-editor and co-translator)
Prof. Charles Parsons
Philosophy of mathematics in the twentieth century: selected essays
Prof. Maurice Punch (and Dr C. Naylor)
Dartington revisited
Mr Michael Pursglove
Fathers and children (Translator)
Smoke (Translator)
Mr John Seaforth
The life of the Buddha
Theatre visions: the work of an ideal laboratory
Creative life in theatre and performance
Prof. Peter Tregear
Ernst Krenek and the politics of musical style
Prof. David Waterhouse
The Harunobu decade: a catalogue of woodcuts by Suzuki Harunobu and his followers in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Dr Endymion Wilkinson
Chinese history: a new manual
Mr Peter Williams
Directory of Commonwealth education 2012 (Co-editor)
The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs: issue 405 (Dec. 2009) (Co-editor)
Educational co-operation: jewel in the Commonwealth crown (Co-editor)
Maintaining universal primary education: lessons from Commonwealth Africa (Contributor)
Universities for a new world: making a global network in international higher education, 1919-2013 (Contributor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr. J. Alldis
  • Mr J.F.K. Ashby
  • Prof. A. Bashford
  • Dr A. Binns (Bequest)
  • Mr R. Boyle
  • Sir A. Cadbury
  • Mr S. Carter
  • Choir of King's College Chapel
  • Ms S. Churchman
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Mr D. Cultrera
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Development Office, King's College
  • Mr J. Devlin
  • Mr H. Doggart
  • Mr R. Edwards
  • Everyman's Library
  • Prof. I. Fenlon
  • Ms V. Few
  • Mr T. Gates
  • Mr D. Gilson
  • Prof. N. Glendinning (bequest)
  • Mr C. Hartop
  • Ms E. Harwood
  • Harvard University Press
  • Mr F. Hepburn
  • Mrs A. Hont
  • Prof. C. Humphrey
  • Mr A. Jaccottet, Le Bruit du temps
  • Mrs M. Jackson
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Mr A. Kentikelenis
  • Prof. P. Kerry
  • Ms Marie Korie
  • Dr J. Laidlaw
  • Mr J. Lenhard
  • Ms K. Lippincott - The Exhibitions Team
  • Mr P. Littger
  • Prof. J M Massing
  • Ms H. McBurney
  • Mr J. Miles
  • Prof. B. Moloney
  • Mr N. Nash
  • Mr R. Nield
  • Dr M. Nolan
  • Mr P. Oswald
  • Mr T.N. Pandey
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Prof. P. Peppis
  • Mr A. Perry
  • Marcel Pons
  • Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais
  • Ms J. Ritchie
  • Mr J. Said
  • Dr A. Samuels
  • Mr J. Schofield
  • Lord R. Skidelsky
  • Mrs J. Smith
  • The Society of Authors
  • Springer
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Thames & Hudson
  • Mr A. Thunot
  • Prof. I. Tieken-Boon van Ostade
  • Mr M. Toseland
  • Ms J. Walker
  • Mr J. Wasik
  • Ms P. Whitworth
  • Ms T. Wilkinson - Archivist, St. John's College
  • Lady P. Williams
  • Mrs R. and Mr C. Wilson
  • Ms J. Wood
  • Ms T. Zaharchenko

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