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The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Prof. Charles Barr
Vertigo (2nd ed.)
Prof. Martin Bernal
Geography of a life
African Athena: new agendas (Contributor)
Mr Robin Boyle
The listener’s guide to the Bach church cantatas
Prof. Michael Byram
The Common European Framework of Reference: the globalisation of language education policy (Co-editor)
Mr Alan Caiger-Smith
Times and seasons: Umbrian writings = I tempi e le stagioni: scritti Umbri
Dr Samantha Callan
Understanding families: a global introduction (Co-author)
Mr Rupert Christiansen
I know you’re going to be happy: a story of love and betrayal
Revd Dr Keith Clements
Ecumenical dynamics: living in more than one place at once
Mr Peter M.S. Corley
Handlist of bindings by Katharine Adams
Katharine Adams: arts and crafts bookbinder
Katharine Adams, C.H. St J. Hornby and the Ashendene Press
Dr Robert Paul Davis
You can!: forming, licensing and running an e-gaming company on the Isle of Man (Co-editor)
Dr Alexander Etkind
Warped mourning: stories of the undead in the land of the unburied
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Early Music History 31 (Editor)
Prof. John G. Fitch
The work of farming (Opus Agriculturae) and Poem on grafting (Translator)
Prof Sinclair Goodlad
Speaking technically: a handbook for scientists, engineers and physicians on how to improve technical presentations
Mr Stuart Harris
Themes & images: a practical criticism workbook of Singaporean and Malaysian poetry in English
Erasmus Darwin’s enlightenment epic
Students’ guide to the human factor
Cosmologia: a sequence of epic poems in three parts (Editor)
The prince; My son; Our hero: three elegies (Editor)
Poems of Lichfield and Derby (Co-editor)
Poems of school and University (Co-editor)
To Elizabeth, with love (Publisher)
Dr Felipe Hernandez
Hands-on urbanism 1850-2012: the right to green (Contributor)
Dr Michael Hoare
Intimate Chinese: from grammar to fluency: a companion to Chinese studies for intermediate and advanced students
Prof. Caroline humphrey
Post-cosmopolitan cities: explorations of urban coexistence (Co-editor and contributor)
Dr John Huthnance
Mathematics applied to the climate system: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 371, No. 1991 (Co-editor)
Mr Brian Infield
The Infields: a personal memoir
Mr Anatole Kaletsky
Capitalism 4.0: the birth of a new economy in the aftermath of crisis (2 copies)
Mr Peter Khoroche
Poems on life and love in Ancient India: Hāla’s Sattasaī (Co-translator)
Prof. Robert Kirk
The conceptual link from physical to mental
Prof. Gordon Leff
Plato: the supremacy of reason
St Augustine: fallen man
Man and the universe: Plotinus to Cusa
Dr Tim Leggatt
Connecting with E.M. Forster: a memoir
Prof Y.W. Loke
Life’s vital link: the astonishing role of the placenta
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Getting on: poems 2000-2012
Old dogs and no tricks
Prof. Richard Lynn
Intelligence: a unifying construct for the social sciences (Co-author)
Prof. Malcolm MacCallum
Relativistic cosmology (Co-author)
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
Reflections on Cambridge (4 copies)
Prof. Jean Michel Massing
The slave in European art: from Renaissance trophy to abolitionist emblem
Dr Christopher Nobbs
Economics, sustainability, and democracy: economics in the era of climate Change
Prof. Robin Osborne
The Greek polis and the invention of democracy: a politico-cultural transformation and its interpretations (Contributor)
Sir Derek Oulton
Divided loyalties: the Oultons of Chester & Dublin
Mr Jan Pieńkowski
Mokuryū urushi hoka. (Japanese anthology containing translation of and the illustrations from a story from “A necklace of raindrops)
Mr Hugh Playfair
Keeping Somerset churches alive: for worship, pilgrimage, visitor & Community
Jewels of Somerset: stained glass in parish churches from 1830
Principal James Playfair: life and legacy
Prof. Christopher Prendergast
Mirages and mad beliefs: Proust the skeptic
Dr Norman Routledge
Print-out of Track 56, about Simon Raven, from his “Web of stories” DVD (Archives)
Prof. David Simpson
Romanticism and the question of the stranger
Dr Brian Sloan
Informal carers and private law
Ms Monica Stensland
Habsburg communication in the Dutch Revolt
Prof. Michael Stubbs
Words and phrases: corpus studies of lexical semantics
Educational linguistics
Text, discourse and corpora: theory and analysis (Co-author)
Critical language awareness (Contributor)
The skin that we speak: thoughts on language and culture in the classroom (Contributor)
Text and corpus analysis: computer-assisted studies of language and culture
Data, description, discourse: papers on the English language in honour of John McH Sinclair on his sixtieth birthday (Contributor)
Words and phrases: corpus studies of lexical semantics – Japanese translation
Discourse analysis: the sociolinguistic analysis of natural language – Japanese translation
Språket i klassrummet
Language spontané, language élaboré: parole et differences à l’école élémentaire
Linguagem escolas e aulas
Análisis del discurso
Acquiring conversational competence (Series editor)
Children into pupils: a study of language in early schooling (Series editor)
English usage: a guide to first principles (Series editor)
British sign language (Series editor)
Speaking mathematically: communication in mathematics classrooms (Series editor)
Learning about writing (Series editor)
Teaching grammar: a guide for the National Curriculum (Series editor)
Girls, boys and language (Series editor)
Prof. Megan vaughan
Headhunting and colonialism: anthropology and the circulation of human skulls in the Portuguese Empire, 1870-1930 (Series co-editor)
Tributary empires in global history (Series co-editor)
The last Caribbean frontier, 1795-1815 (Series co-editor)
The US military in Hawai’i : colonialism, memory and resistance (Series co- editor)
Abolition and empire in Sierra Leone and Liberia (Series co-editor)
Finance, politics and imperialism: Australia, Canada, and the city of London, c.1896-1914 (Series co-editor)
Imperial Andamans: colonial encounter and island history (Series co-editor)
Ireland and India: nationalism, empire and memory (Series co-editor)
Law, disorder and the colonial state: corruption in Burma c.1900 (Series co- editor)
Engaging colonial knowledge: reading European archives in world history (Series co-editor)
Mr Merlin Waterson
A history of the Barrow Cadbury Trust (co-author)
Dr Hugh-Wenban-Smith
Bill & Ruth Wenban-Smith: a colonial family history, 1908-2009 (Co-editor)
Dr Tom White
POxy Doxy 1-40: the “Drawer-Liner” Manuscripts
Mr Alan Williams-Key
The clueless detective (pdf file)
The clueless detective (paperback)
The money flight (paperback & pdf versions)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Dr T. Adkins
  • Ms Margaret Joan Anstee
  • Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
  • Ms D. Atkinson
  • Dr V. Barnett
  • Bildungshaus Schulbuchverlage
  • Dr A. Binns (Bequest)
  • Mrs M. Bird
  • Mr L. Braithwaite
  • The British Library
  • Ms L. Brown
  • Mr A. Bruder
  • Ms A. Burman
  • Dr S. Callan
  • Ms J. Cameron
  • Ms V. Chang
  • Ms A. Chisholm
  • Choir of King's College Chapel
  • Dr R. Cord
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust: Funding for the King's College Global Warming Collection
  • Mr J. Edmondson
  • Prof. I. Fenlon
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Mrs A. Frost
  • Mr H. Gannaway
  • Mr D. Gilson
  • Dr. T. Gronberg (books from the library of Paul Vivian Overy)
  • Mrs R. Grooms
  • Miss I. Guha
  • Dr T. Harding
  • Dr V. Harris
  • Dr M. Hayes
  • Prof. P. Hennessy
  • Mr M. Holzman
  • Mr H. Johnson
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Mr J. Kram
  • Ms A. Langton
  • Ms H. de Largentaye
  • Ms K. Lippincott - The Exhibitions Team
  • Ms S. Low
  • Dr C. Marcuzzo
  • Prof. J.M. Massing
  • The Matheson Trust
  • Ms J. Mathison Turing
  • Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit, Dept. of Social Anthropology
  • Prof. T. Mowl
  • Prof. R. Neild
  • Prof. R. Osborne
  • Dr S. Panayotova
  • Ms M. Panourgia - Ikaros Publishing Company
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Mr G. Peacock
  • Phaidon
  • Mr J. Pieńkowski
  • Prof. L. Price
  • Profile Books
  • Dr A. Raeburn (Bequest)
  • Dr H. Rochlitz
  • Mr R. Rosewell
  • The Rupert Brooke Society
  • Mr D. Sigee
  • Prof. T. Snyder
  • The Society of Authors
  • Squire Law Library
  • Prof. P. Stansky
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Mr B. Sykes
  • Ms R. Taylor-Seymour
  • Mr I. Thomas
  • Prof. M. Turner
  • Prof. M. Vaughan
  • Dr T. White
  • Mr D. Wilkinson
  • Ms J. Woodger
  • Dr C. Young
  • Prof. E. Zaretsky
  • Ms K. Zaat

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