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The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Mr David Baird-Smith
Thomas More's pageants: the ages of life = les âges de la vie (Translator and contributor)
Dr James A. Barnett
Yeast research: a historical overview (Co-author)
Mr George Benjamin
'Twas in the air - manuscript score (Composer)
Prof. Barry Bergdoll
On the water: Palisade Bay (Contributor)
Dr Kasia Boddy
Boxing: a cultural history
Mr Stephen Bottomore
I want to see this Annie Mattygraph: a cartoon history of the coming of the Movies
Mr Charles Brett
John Brett: Pre-Raphaelite landscape painter (Co-author)
Prof. Paul Broda
Scientist spies: a memoir of my three parents and the atom bomb
Mr Esmond Bulmer
Cider and more besides
Mr Martin Caiger-Smith
Antony Gormley
Mr Mark Charteris
The rest of England: poems
Mr Humphrey Clucas
Death in the vestry: and other stories
Father Martin Eastwood
A record of five ways of seeing the Stations of the Cross at St Andrew's Fulham Fields, London 2007-2011 (Contributor)
Mr Arthur Farndell
All things natural: Ficino on Plato's Timaeus (Translator)
When philosophers rule: Ficino on Plato's Republic, Laws, and Epinomis (Translator)
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Early Music History 29 (Editor)
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Web of deceit
Dr Naj Ghosheh
Offshoring and working conditions in remote work (Co-editor)
Prof. Lelia Green
The internet: an introduction to new media
Dr Victoria Harris
Selling sex in the Reich: prostitutes in German society, 1914-1945
Prof. Stephen Heath
Prefaces to Shakespeare (Contributor)
Dr Ronald Ingle
An uneasy story: the nationalising of South African mission hospitals, 1960- 1976: a personal account
Prof. Elizabeth Irwin
Aegina: contexts for choral lyric poetry: myth, history and identity in the fifth century BC (Contributor)
The Ven. Bob jackson
Everybody welcome: the course where everybody helps grow their church - Member's manual (Co-author)
Everybody welcome: the course where everybody helps grow their church - Leader's manual (Co-author)
Everybody welcome: the course where everybody helps grow their church - DVD (Co-author)
Sir Michael Jenkins
A House in Flanders Bookdealer: No. 1821, Oct 2010 (Contributor)
Mr Colin D. Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 34 (Co-editor)
Mr Hugh Johnson
Trees: a lifetime's journey through forests, woods and gardens
Mr Peter Jones
Medical writing in early modern English (Contributor)
Between text and patient: the medical enterprise in medieval and early modern Europe (Contributor)
Prof. Edwin Judge
Jerusalem and Athens: cultural transformation in late antiquity
The first Christians in the Roman world: Augustan and New Testament essays
Miss Zsóka Kóczán
Pixel: The Cambridge Undergraduate Journal of Development Economics - Issue 3 2010 (Editor-in-chief)
Revd Canon Christopher Lewis
Cleave the wood and here I am: meditations with carvings and music
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Haiku at seventy
Mr Stuart Lyons
Music in the Odes of Horace
Mr I.W. Mackintosh
A theory of fields: a new approach to a unifying fundamental theory of Physics
Mr Richard Martin
Development of a model for determining affordable and sustainable sanitation demand in dense settlements of South Africa (Co-author)
User manual and guidelines for the SHAPE model
Revd Dr Jeremy Morris
F.D. Maurice and the crisis of Christian authority
The Church in the modern age
Dr Linda Murgatroyd
The Friends Quarterly: Issue 2, 2010 (Contributor)
Mr Philippe Oboussier
Les quatours à cordes (Editor)
Prof. Robin Osborne
The Athenian Empire (Translator and editor)
Prof. Charles Parsons
Kurt Gödel: essays for his centennial (Co-editor)
Mr Quentin Phillipps
Phillipps' field guide to the birds of Borneo
Mr Jan Pieńkowski
The fairy tales (Illustrator)
The thousand nights and one night (Illustrator)
Haunted house
The first Christmas: the King James version (Illustrator)
Little monsters
A necklace of raindrops (Illustrator) - 3 copies
Yes no
Dinner time (Illustrator)
Good night
Nut cracker (Illustrator)
Good night
Mog's missing (Co-author)
Meg and Mog (Co-author)
Meg goes to bed (Co-author)
Hans Andersen's fairy tales (Contributor)
The first Christmas: the King James version (Illustrator)
Penguin by illustrators (Contributor)
Mr Gerald Pointon
French arbitration law and practice: a dynamic civil law approach to international arbitration (Co-author)
ADR in business: practice and issues across countries and cultures (Co-editor)
Mr Richard Popplewell
There is no rose
The modern organist: vol. 1 (contributor)
Suite for organ
Puck's shadow
Choral preludes on English tunes (Contributor)
Two final amens
Triumphal march
A vast cloud of love
O how amiable
I will lift up mine eyes
Te Deum in C
Saint Alban, soldier and martyr
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in D flat
Variations on a New Year's carol
A portrait of Richard Popplewell: six pieces for organ
A feast of fugues
Organ concertos 1 and 2 (CD recording)
Dr Maurice Punch
Shoot to kill: police accountability, firearms and fatal force
Dr Charles Saumarez Smith
The National Gallery: a short history
Prof. Mohammad Shaheen
Absent presence (translator)
Dr Julia L. Shear
Polis and revolution: responding to oligarchy in Classical Athens
Dr Patrick Sheil
Kierkegaard and Levinas: the subjunctive mood
Mrs Bridget Strevens-Marzo
Bridget's book of nursery rhymes
7 comptines à chanter
Kiss, kiss! (Illustrator)
How do you make a baby smile? (Illustrator)
Mini racer (Illustrator)
Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas
4D Electron microscopy: imaging in space and time (Co-author)
Dr Andrew Zurcher
Shakespeare and law
Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene: a reading guide

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr G. Adamek
  • Mr A. Attlesey
  • Mrs P. Bagenal
  • Mrs E. Bird
  • Prof. J.M. Bowers
  • Dr G. Brockington
  • Dr C. Brooke
  • Mrs P. Brown,
  • Mr J. Buchanan-Brown
  • Mr J. Burton
  • The 6th Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics - 2010
  • Mr G. Carnall
  • Mr R. Cormack
  • Mr R. Dale
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Mr O. Dawson
  • Ms H. Dixon
  • Mr M. Drozdzynski
  • Mrs L. Ennion-Smith - St. Catharine's College
  • Dr J. Finch
  • Mr R. Hand
  • Mr E. Hopkins & Mr R. Hopkins
  • Dr J.T. Hughes
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Judge Business School
  • Miss H.Y. Kim
  • King's College Development Office
  • Mr J. Kram
  • Ms C. Kroeter
  • Miss Z. Langer
  • Mrs A. Lanigan
  • Prof. P. Lloyd-Jones
  • Mr W. Lovell
  • Mr D. Martin
  • Prof. W. Moffat
  • Revd Dr J. Morris
  • Prof. R. Nield
  • Mr N. Oakley
  • Mrs A. Olivier Bell
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Mr H. Penny
  • Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group (PFD)
  • Mr J. Pienkowski
  • Pickering & Chatto
  • Mr B. Ravichandran
  • The Rupert Brooke Society
  • Ms M. Rydiger
  • Mr J. Schofield
  • Mr A.G. Shillingford
  • Mr B. Sloan
  • Prof. M. Smith
  • Prof. T. Snyder
  • Society of Authors
  • Squire Law Library
  • Dr A. Stenner
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Mr R. Thomas - Marshall Library
  • Unlock Democracy
  • Sir D. Willcocks
  • Ms R. Williams
  • Mrs R. Wilson
  • Mr M.F. Young (bequest)

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