Donations 2009/10

Mr John D. Anderson
Re-touching the rainbow: a resurgence of the spirit
Prof. Elizabeth Archibald
The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian legend (Co-editor)
Prof. Sir Patrick Bateson
Independent inquiry into dog breeding
Dom Luke Bell
Baptizing Harry Potter: a Christian reading of J.K. Rowling
Mr Jonathan Benthall
The Palestinian Zakat Committees 1993-2007 and their contested interpretations
Returning to religion: why a secular age is haunted by faith
Dr Barry Bracewell-Milnes
Wealth without cost. Volume one, White alchemy in economics
Dr Christopher Brooke
Rousseau and freedom (Contributor)
Mr Nick Bunker
Making haste from Babylon: the Mayflower pilgrims and their world: a new History
Mr Michael Cahill
The Financial Times guide to making the right investment decisions: how to analyse companies and value shares
Mr Alan Caiger-Smith
Said ed Sadr 1909-1986: potter, painter, sculptor, teacher
Revd Dr Keith Clements
The SPCK introduction to Bonhoeffer
The Moot papers: faith, freedom and society 1938-1947 (Editor)
Mr Humphrey Clucas
Royal and peculiar (Co-author)
Dr John Dawson
John Dawson Literary and Linguistic Computing Centre (DVD recording of a seminar)
Dr Geert De Baere
Constitutional principles of EU external relations
Mr Victor De Waal
Augustine Baker: frontiers of the spirit
Dr Elizabeth Eger
Bluestockings: women of reason from Enlightenment to Romanticism
Mr Hugh Feilden
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom: history, art, architecture (Contributor)
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Early Music History 28 (Editor)
Mr Michael Freyhan
The authentic Magic Flute libretto: Mozart’s autograph or the first full- score edition?
Mr Stephen M. Frost
The bank analyst’s handbook: money, risk and conjuring tricks
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Deadly deception
Dr Douglas Gibbs
Frith’s communion prayer from “John Frith, scholar and martyr” a biography by Brian Raynor: concluding verses set for unaccompanied S.A.T.B. choir
Glad tidings: eight Christmas carols and an epilogue
Prof. Geoffrey Harcourt
Joan Robinson (Co-author)
Prof. John Henderson
A Plautus reader: selections from eleven plays
Dr Istvan Hont
Jealousy of trade: international competition and the nation-state in historical Perspective
Prof. John Dixon Hunt
The Venetian city garden: place, typology, and perception
The afterlife of gardens
Nature over again: the garden art of Ian Hamilton Finlay
The Oxford book of garden verse (Editor)
Encounters: essays on literature and the visual arts (Editor)
William Kent landscape garden designer: an assessment and catalogue of his designs
Gardens and the picturesque: studies in the history of landscape architecture
Garden and grove: the Italian Renaissance gardens in the English imagination: 1600-1750
Mr Colin D. Johnson
Pancreatic disease: protocols and clinical research (Co-editor)
Recent advances in surgery 33 (Co-editor)
Prof. Tarif Khalidi
Images of Muhammad: narratives of the prophet in Islam across the
Prof. Sir Frank Kermode
Concerning E.M. Forster
Bury place papers: essays from the London Review of Books
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Haiku of five decades
Mr Henry Maas
Ernest Dowson: Poetry and love in the 1890s
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
Reflections on Cambridge
Mr Richard Martin
Development poverty and politics: putting communities in the driver’s seat (Co-author)
Prof. Jean Michel Massing
Encompassing the globe: Portugal and the world in the 16th and 17th centuries (Contributor)
Revd Dr Alec Mcguire
Luther: una storia fiabesca delle chiave
Motet: Miserere meus, Deus (after Ps 51)
Magnificat and nunc dimittis in E
Dr Alistair Milne
The fall of the house of credit: what went wrong in banking and what can be done to repair the damage?
Prof. Robin Milner
The space and motion of communicating agents
Prof. Leonidas Montes
New voices on Adam Smith (Co-editor)
Mr Garry O’Connor
The darlings of Downing Street: the psychosexual drama of power
Chaucer’s triumph: including the case of Cecilia Chaumpaigne, the seduction of Katherine Swynford, the murder of her husband, the interment of John of Gaunt and other offices of the flesh in the year 1399
Prof. Robin Osborne
Greece in the making 1200-479 BC (2nd ed.)
Athens and Athenian democracy
Prof. Maurice Punch
Police corruption: deviance, accountability and reform in policing
Major Frederick Rawding
Dhanbahadur Suryabangsi 2/2nd Gurkha Rifles, a soldier in the British Army, 1956-1970: a brief life (Compiler)
Dr Amanda Rees
The infanticide controversy: primatology and the art of field science
Ms Celia Robertson
Who was Sophie? The lives of my grandmother: poet and stranger
Mr Karl Sabbagh
The hair of the dog: and other scientific surprises
Prof. Mohammad Shaheen
E.M. Forster and the politics of Imperialism (Arabic translation)
Almond blossoms and beyond (Translator)
Al-Thaqafiyyah: Number 72, 2008 (Editor-in-Chief)
Prof. Murray Shanahan
Embodiment and the inner life: cognition and consciousness in the space of possible minds
Prof. Paul Snowden
Legend English I workbook (Co-author)
Working with words
Old times and new things
American and British slang dictionary (Editorial consultant)
Science and technology in English (Co-author)
Dow: deep ocean water as our next natural resource (Co-translator)
Introducing modern Japan in English (Editorial supervisor)
Writing English at university
Mr Jonathan Steffen
Tomorrow’s answers today: the history of AkzoNobel (Editor)
Ms Susan Tomes
Out of silence: a pianist’s yearbook
Dr Alex Voorhoeve
Conversations on ethics
Dr Daniel Waley
The Italian city-republics (Co-author)
Dr Hugh Wenban-Smith
Economies of scale, distribution costs and density effects in urban water supply: a spatial analysis of the role of infrastructure in urban agglomeration
Dr Nicolette Zeeman
New medieval literatures 11 (2009) (Guest editor and contributor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Dr T. Adkins and Mr J. Adkins
  • Mr D. Allsopp
  • Dr D. Andrews
  • Mrs K. Arrandale and Ms V. Langfield
  • Ashgate
  • Prof. N. Aslanbeigui
  • Mrs P. Bagenal
  • Dr J. Barber
  • BBC Audio
  • Ms A. Olivier Bell
  • Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Dr I. Brecker
  • The British Library
  • Broude Brothers Limited
  • Mr N. Bulmer
  • Mrs J. Burch and Prof. P. Stansky
  • Miss L. Cabuk
  • Cambridge Apostles
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Ms S. Carson
  • Dr P. Clein
  • Ms G. Coleridge (Literary executor of Francis Partridge)
  • Dr A.G. Chandavarkar
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Defra
  • Mr J. DiVanna
  • Mr G. Douglas
  • East Sussex Records Office
  • Editions Gallimard
  • Prof I. Fenlon
  • Ms A. Finn
  • The Foundling Museum
  • Freeland Rees Roberts
  • Mr D. Freeman
  • Mr R. Garnett
  • Ms P. Ghose
  • Dr P. Greenhalgh
  • Mr N. Haigh
  • Prof. O.F. Hamouda
  • Prof. G. Harcourt
  • Dr J. Hayward
  • Hesperus Press
  • Prof. J.D. Hunt
  • The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Mr A. Jussawalla
  • Ms N.S. Khalifa
  • Sir A. Laughton
  • Dr E. Lodge
  • Ms A. Macfarlane
  • Dr N. Marston
  • Prof. J.M. Massing
  • Ms C. Melick
  • Mr J. Miquel
  • Modern and Medieval Languages Library
  • Prof. N. Morgan and Dr S. Panayotova
  • Canon L. Mortimer
  • New York Review of Books
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Oxford University Press
  • Ms T. Page and Ms J. Walrath
  • Lady A. Piper
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Ms B. Parrish
  • Mr T. Petts
  • Mr J. Poskett
  • Mr C. Raeburn
  • Mr M. Rank
  • Mr B. Ravichandran
  • Mr D. Roberts
  • Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd
  • Royal Academy of Arts
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Miss C. Santagada
  • Mr B. Sloan
  • Society of Authors
  • Squire Law Library
  • Mr J. Stephens - Biteback Publishing Ltd
  • Mr P. Stobbs
  • Dr N. Thistlethwaite
  • Mr C. Tomkinson
  • Mr N. Viney
  • Ms H. Voolma
  • Mr S. Warburton
  • Mrs L. Wayment
  • Mr K. Wedd - Victorian Society of America London Summer School 2009
  • Ms B. Wells
  • Prof. J.L. Whitby
  • Mr D. Winterbottom
  • Prof. A.J. Woodman

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