Donations 2008/9

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Dr John Barber
The Cambridge history of Russia. Volume III : the twentieth century (Contributor)
Prof. Michael Byram
Language teachers, politics and cultures (Co-author)
From foreign language education to education for intercultural citizenship: essays and reflections
Tom Kristensen
Routledge encyclopedia of language learning and teaching (Editor)
Mr David Campbell
A British affair
Dr Sylvia Chant
Gender, generation and poverty: exploring the "feminisation of poverty" in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Mr John K. Coleridge
Hollyhocks and Buddleia: caught on camera by John Coleridge during the autumn of 2008
Prof. Richard Dutton
Ben Jonson, Volpone and the gunpowder plot
Dr Elizabeth Eger
Brilliant women: 18th-century bluestockings (Co-author)
Prof. Caroline Elam
Roger Fry's journey: from the Primitives to the Post-Impressionists
Mr Hilary Evans
Outbreak!: the encyclopedia of extraordinary social behavior (Co-author)
Mr Arthur Farndell
Evermore shall be so: Ficino on Plato's Parmenides (Translator)
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Early Music History 26 (Editor)
Early Music History 27 (Editor)
Piazza San Marco
Mr Christopher Fletcher
The Lediards and Whatleys of Gloucestershire: a Holst family history (Co-author)
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Vengeance deferred
Prof. Barbara Goff and Dr Michael Simpson
Crossroads in the Black Aegean: Oedipus, Antigone, and Dramas of the African diaspora
Prof. Simon Goldhill
Performance, iconography, reception: studies in honour of Oliver Taplin (Contributor)
The end of dialogue in antiquity (Editor)
Mr Michael Gorman
Shakin' the ketchup bottle: a fascinating collection of ideas, anecdotes, observations and some really curious bits culled from QUEST, the magazine of the Queen's English Society (Contributor)
The Queen's English Society's Practical guide to punctuation (Contributor)
Mr Ian Herbert
Theatre and humanism in a world of violence (Co-editor)
Look back in languor: The Society for Theatre Research - Annual Address 2009
Prof. Benjamin Heydecker
Transportation and traffic theory 2007 (Co-editor)
Mathematics in transport (Editor)
Mr John Hore
All the Kingsmen
Dr Alan W. James
A companion to ancient epic (Contributor)
Mr C D Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 32 (Co-editor)
Mr Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnson in the garden: the best garden diary of our time
Prof. Edwin Judge
The first Christians in the Roman world: Augustan and New Testament essays
Miss Zsóka Kóczán
Pixel: The Cambridge Undergraduate Journal of Development Economics - Issue 1 2008 (Editor-in-chief)
Dr Jon Lawrence
Electing our masters: the hustings in British politics from Hogarth to Blair
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Jean Rhys afterwords
Judging by disappearances
Unholy empires
Prof. Jean Michel Massing
Encompassing the globe: Portugal and the world in the 16th and 17th centuries -essay volume and reference catalogue (Contributor)
Prof. Robin Milner
The space and motion of communicating agents
Dr Perveez Mody
The intimate state: love-marriage and the law in Delhi
Prof. Douglas Moggach
Philosophie und politik bei Bruno Bauer
Prof. Robin Osborne
Performance, iconography, reception: studies in honour of Oliver Taplin (Contributor)
Mr Stephen Plowden
Speed control and transport policy (Co-author)
Transport reform: changing the rules
Towns against traffic
Mr Andrew Powell
Living Stones
Living Stones Fanfare
Prof. Bruce Redford
Dilettanti: the antic and the antique in eighteenth-century England
Mr Karl Sabbagh
Remembering our childhood: how memory betrays us
Prof. David Simpson
Wordsworth, commodification and social concern: the poetics of modernity
Prof. Paul Snowden
Yoroppa-jin no mita bakumatsu-shisetsudan = How Europeans saw the Shogunate's mission (Co-author)
Dr Michael Sonenscher
Sans-Culottes: an eighteenth-century emblem in the French Revolution
Dr François Soyer
The extradition treaties of the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions (1500-1700)
Prof. Peter Stansky
Bloomsbury as publisher: Virginia and Leonard Woolf and The Hogarth Press
Prof. Peter Trudgill
In Sfakiá: passing time in the wilds of Crete
Language complexity as an evolving variable (Co-editor and contributor)
Dr Joseph Mallory Wober
New encyclopedia of Africa (Contributor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Ms A. Abalunam
  • Dr J. Alabaster
  • Felicity Ashbee (bequest)
  • Sir N. Barrrington
  • BBC
  • Mr R. Berengarten
  • Mr S. Boyd
  • The British Library
  • Mr M. Brunori
  • Mr G. Burgess
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Ms S.C. Campbell
  • Mr H. Cecil
  • Sir C. Chadwyck-Healey
  • Mr H. Cobb
  • CSA Telltapes
  • Mrs H. Davey
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Defra
  • European Central Bank
  • Mr G. Franklin
  • Mr E.P.D. George
  • Mr D. Gilson
  • Ms C. Gorwill
  • Ms N.E. Green - Cornell University
  • Dr P. Greenhalgh
  • Prof. M. Grubb
  • Mrs K.H. Haag
  • Hesperus Press
  • Ms P. Hill
  • Professor C. Humphrey
  • Ms C. Hunsley
  • Rev. Canon D. Isitt
  • Mr L. Jackson
  • Dr P. Jeffreys
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
  • Ms J. Leech
  • Mr D.J. Leighton
  • Dr S. Levene (in memory of Dr J.C. Leigh)
  • Ms A. L'Hostis
  • Dr D. Lipton: A selection of books from the collection of Peter Lipton
  • Dr E MacLeod Walls
  • Prof. J.M. Massing
  • Morgan Reynolds
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Prof. R. Osborne
  • Mr W. Owen
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Dr S. Parks
  • Ms J. Parlade
  • Rev. Dr A. Peabody
  • Lady A. Piper
  • Polyglossia Editoral board
  • Random House
  • Mr B. Ravichandran
  • Mr. S. P. Rosenbaum
  • The Rupert Brooke Society
  • Mr R. Russell
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Mr J. Schofield
  • Ms P. Smith
  • Society of Authors
  • Springer
  • Ms J. Standing
  • Prof. P. Stansky
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Mr M. Sugioka
  • Third Millenium Publishing
  • Mr I. Thomas
  • Mr A. Tuckey
  • Mr P. Wallace
  • Mr J. Walsh
  • Mr S. Warburton
  • Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Ms D. Whistler
  • Mr R. Worsley - The Tomorrow Project
  • Yale University Press
  • Mr A. Zambellas

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