Donations 2007/8

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Dr Stephen Alford
Burghley: William Cecil at the court of Elizabeth I
Mr Peter Avery
The spirit of Iran: a history of achievement from adversity (2 copies)
Dr John Barber
Revolution in the making of the modern world: social identities, globalization, and modernity (Contributor)
Mr Rodney Batstone
Glyptothek, Munich: masterpieces of Greek and Roman sculpture (Translator)
Professor Tim Beaglehole
A life of J.C. Beaglehole: New Zealand scholar
Dr John Black
A translation of Alexandro Malaspina’s “Meditación sobre lo bello en la naturaleza” (Co-translator)
Mr Charles Brett
John Brett: a Pre-Raphaelite in Cornwall (Co-author)
Mr Michael Carroll
From a Persian tea house: travels in old Iran
Mr Rupert Christiansen
Once more with feeling: a book of classic hymns and carols
Revd Dr Keith Clements
London, 1933-1935 (Editor)
Mr Humphrey Clucas
Scatter the darkness: cathedral poems
Professor Joel E. Cohen
Educating all children: a global agenda (Co-editor)
Forecasting product liability claims: epidemiology and modeling in the Manville asbestos case (Co-author)
Useful knowledge: The American Philosophical Society Millennium Program (Contributor)
Dr David Conway
Jewry in music: Jewish entry to the musical professions, 1780-1850
Dr Lucy Delap
The feminist avant-garde: transatlantic encounters of the early twentieth Century
Professor Iain Fenlon
The Oxford dictionary of the Renaissance (Co-advisory editor)
The ceremonial city: history, memory and myth in Renaissance Venice
Professor John G. Fitch
Seneca (Editor)
Bishop Anthony Foottit
A gospel of wild flowers
Dr Richard Fortey
Dry Store Room No.1: The secret life of The Natural History Museum
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Deserving death
Deadly obsession
Sir Nicholas Goodison
Goodison Quartet No. 4: “In my craft or sullen art” CD recording – 2 copies (Commissioner)
Matthew Boulton’s Trafalgar medal
Mr Michael Gorman
Global Warming is Natural
Professor Ross Harrison
Law and philosophy: current legal issues 2007 (Co-editor)
Mr Nick Hobson
Knock knock
Professor Caroline Humphrey
Urban life in post-Soviet Asia (Co-editor)
Professor Elizabeth Irwin
Reading Herodotus: a study of the Logi in Book 5 of Herodotus’ Histories (Co-editor)
Mr C.D. Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 31 (Co-editor)
Mr Peter Jones
Beyond pilgrim souvenirs and secular badges: essays in honour of Brian Spencer (Contributor)
The medieval imagination: illuminated manuscripts from Cambridge,Australia and New Zealand (Contributor)
Professor Edwin A. Judge
Social distinctives of the Christians in the first century: pivotal essays by E.A. Judge
Mr Peter Khoroche
Ben Nicholson: drawings and painted reliefs
Ms Joanne Limburg
Professor David Lloyd
Anomalous states: Irish writing and the post-colonial movement
The politics of culture in the shadow of capital (Co-editor)
Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd
Cognitive variations: reflections on the unity and diversity of the human mind
Professor Richard Lynn
The global bell curve: Race, IQ, and inequality worldwide
Mr Stuart Lyons
Horace’s Odes and the mystery of do-re-mi: with a full verse translation of the Odes
Professor Alan Macfarlane
Japan through the looking glass
Professor Jean Michel Massing
Studies in imagery vol. II: The world discovered
Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas
Fairness and freedom: the final report of the Equalities Review (Contributor)
Professor Donald Moggridge
Harry Johnson: a life in economics
Professor George Norman
Industrial organization: contemporary theory and empirical applications. 4th
ed. (Co-author)
Professor Maurice Obstfeld
G7 current account imbalances: sustainability and adjustment (Contributor)
Professor Robin Osborne
Debating the Athenian cultural revolution: art, literature, philosophy and politics 430-380 BC (Editor and contributor)
World archaeology: the archaeology of equality (Editor and contributor)
The world of Athens: an introduction to Classical Athenian culture – 2nd ed. (Reviser)
Sir Derek Oulton
From Digger to Poops
Professor Charles Parsons
Mathematical thought and its objects
Mr Andrew Powell
Plasmogeny II: for Bb trumpet, live electronics & tape
Falstaff: theme and episodes for brass band
Michael’s farewell – CD (Producer and contributor)
Professor Christopher Prendergast
The fourteenth of July
The classic: Sainte-Beuve and the Nineteenth-Century culture wars
Mr Karl Sabbagh
Your case is hopeless: bracing advice from The Boy’s Own Paper
Ms Dorothee Seissinger
Documents of devotion: European pilgrim badges of the late middle ages
Professor Gerald Smart
The future of the South Downs: Landscape, ecology, land use and conservation (Co-editor)
Dr Dirk Spilker
The East German leadership and the division of Germany: patriotism and propaganda 1945-1953
Professor Peter Stansky
The first day of the Blitz: September 7, 1940
Dr Koen Stapelbroek
Love, self-deceit, and money: commerce and morality in the early Neapolitan Enlightenment
Reverend Professor Christopher Stead
A voice in the Octagon
Professor Anthony Swerdlow
Cancer incidence and mortality in England and Wales: trends and risk factors (Co-author)
Professor Peter Trudgill
Diccionario de sociolingüística (Co-author)
Mr A. Jonathan Waley
Spring in the ruined city: selected poems of Du Fu (Translator)
Dr Michael Williams
Authorised lives in early Christian biography: between Eusebius and Augustine
Ms Alexandra Addison Wrage
Bribery and extortion: undermining business, government and security
Dr Andrew Zurcher
Spenser’s legal language: law and poetry in Early Modern England

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Dr J.S. Alabaster
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Mr D. Asher
  • Banca D’Italia
  • Dr J. Barber
  • Mr A. Barrington Brown
  • Mrs M. Beck and Mr R. Beck
  • Mr J. Bury
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Classical Faculty Library
  • Dr C. Cobb
  • Mr A. Corbett
  • Dr R. Cord
  • Mr T. Cribb
  • Dr D.A. Crighton
  • Mr R. Crow
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Mr T. Day
  • Defra
  • Dr J. Depledge
  • Mr J. DiVanna
  • Dr H. Dixon
  • Mr D. Dymond
  • Edward Elgar
  • The family of C.J. Edwards
  • Ms E. Elias
  • Mr M. Everett
  • Fitzwilliam College
  • Ms B. Foster
  • Prof. R. Harrison
  • Ms S. Hastings and Mr R. Philipps - literary executors for the estate of Rosamond Lehmann
  • Dr. J.M. Heath
  • Prof. S. Heath
  • Dr C. Hicks
  • Ms S. Hoyle
  • Prof. C. Humphrey
  • Mr R. Hussain
  • Rev. Canon D. Isitt
  • Jesus College
  • Dr A. Jones
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Dr M. Kant
  • Prof. V. Karpenko
  • Dr M. Keynes
  • Mr R. Keynes
  • The family of J.H. King
  • Ms J. Kossmann
  • Dr J. Laurent
  • Mr D.J. Leighton
  • Ms C. Lockwood
  • Dr O. Lucas
  • Mr S. Lyons
  • Ms J. Mackrell
  • Prof. J.M. Massing
  • Mediobanca
  • Mencap
  • Dr P. Mitchell
  • Professor D.M. Nuti
  • Oleander Press
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Mrs D. Orr
  • Mr P.K. Pal
  • Palgrave Macmillan
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Dr S. Parks
  • Penguin
  • Mr J. Peschek
  • Dr J.D. Pickles
  • Mr B. Ravichandran
  • Dr A. Regier
  • Mr J. Roseblade
  • Mr J. Rountree
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Mr K. Sabbagh
  • Prof. G. Smith
  • Prof. P. Snowden
  • Society of Authors
  • Dr M. Sonenscher
  • Squire Law Library
  • Prof. P. Stansky
  • Dr G. Tarantino
  • Tate Britain
  • Ms M. Turner
  • University of the West of England
  • Ms S. Varga
  • Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain
  • Mr A. Wallis
  • Prof. N Waszek
  • Mrs L. Wayment
  • Mr R. Worsley – The Tomorrow Project

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