Donations 2006/7

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Mr Peter Avery
The collected lyrics of Háfiz of Shíráz (Translator)
Father Luke Bell
A deep and subtle joy: life at Quarr Abbey
Professor Peter Bellwood
First farmers: the origins of agricultural societies
Mr Peter Bingham
Images: a song cycle of 5 imagist poems for tenor and piano. Score and CD recording (Performer on recording)
Prof. Heribert Boeder
Die installationen der submoderne: zur tektonik der heutigen philosophie
Mr Edmund Booth
Earthquake design practice for buildings (Co-author)
Mr Colin Chambers
Here we stand: politics, performers and performance: Paul Robeson, Isadora
Duncan and Charlie Chaplin
Dr Yung-Kang Robert Chin
A permanent magnet traction motor for electric forklifts: design and iron loss analysis with experimental verifications
Mr Rupert Christiansen
The complete book of aunts
Dr Winton Dean
Handel’s operas: 1726-1741
Dr Ashok V. Desai
India’s telecommunications industry: history, analysis, diagnosis
Mr Peter Draper
The formation of English Gothic: architecture and identity
Prof. John Dunn
Democracy: a history
Prof. Iain Fenlon
Early music printing and publishing in the Iberian world (Co-editor and contributor)
Early Music History 25 (Editor)
Prof. John G. Fitch
Some Fitch families of Colchester
Prof. Wynne Godley
Monetary economics: an integrated approach to credit, money, income, production and wealth (Co-author)
Prof. Simon Goldhill
Rethinking revolutions through Ancient Greece (Co-editor and contributor)
Prof. Geoffrey Harcourt
The structure of post-Keynesian economics: the core contributions of the pioneers
Prof. John Henderson
Asinaria: the one about the asses (Translator and commentator)
The medieval world of Isidore of Seville: truth from words
Mr David Higgins
Saint Jordan of Bristol: from the catacombs of Rome to College Green at
The history of the Bristol region in the Roman period
The Bristol region in the sub-Roman and early Anglo-Saxon periods
Mr John Higgins
Raymond Williams: literature, Marxism and cultural materialism
Mr David Holbrook
English in a university education
Dr Robert Jackaman
Memoirs of a dark overlord: and other poems since 2000
The Venerable Bob Jackson
Going for growth: what works at local church level
The road to growth: towards a thriving Church
Mr Jason James
HSBC’s challenge (translator)
Mr C D Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 30 (Co-editor)
Mr Peter Jones
Visualizing medieval medicine and natural history, 1200-1550 (Contributor)
The Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland – 3 vols. (Contributor)
Prof. Joel Kupperman
Ethics and qualities of life
Classic Asian philosophy: a guide to the essential texts
Dr John Latsis
Contributions to social ontology (Co-editor and contributor)
Mr Brendan Lehane
Dorset’s best churches
Prof. Richard Lynn
IQ and global inequality (Co-author)
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
Green gold: the empire of tea (Co-author)
Mr Neil C. Manson
Rethinking informed consent in bioethics (Co-author)
Dr Nicholas Marston
The Cambridge companion to Schumann (Contributor)
Prof. Peter Matthews
Syntactic relations: a critical survey
Mr Ronald Mitchell
Lakeland & Cumbria from the air
Prof. Douglas Moggach
The new Hegelians: politics and philosophy in the Hegelian School (Editor)
Mr Gordon Neal
Traditional and contemporary in Christian preaching: a thematic and hermeneutic analysis of 50 sermons from 5 denominations – summary of findings
Prof. Robin Osborne
Poverty in the Roman world (Co-editor and contributor)
Rethinking revolutions through Ancient Greece (Co-editor and contributor)
Art’s agency and art history (Co-editor)
Classical archaeology (Co-editor)
Dr Kiran C.R. Patel
Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease in South Asians (Co-editor.)
Mr Jan Pienkowski
Good night: a pop-up lullaby (small format ed.)
Good night: a pop-up lullaby (large format ed.)
Haunted house
Pizza: a yummy pop-up
The first Christmas: the King James version
The fairy tales
A to Z sticker book
Meg & Mog touch and feel counting book (Co-author)
Meg’s eggs (board book) (Co-author)
Mog’s missing (Co-author)
Meg and Mog – omnibus ed. (Co-author)
Meg’s car (Co-author)
Meg and Mog: four plays for children (Illustrator)
Meg and Mog show (Contributor)
Meg and Mog - audio CD and picture book (Co-author)
Meg at sea - audio CD and picture book (Co-author)
Meg’s eggs - audio CD and picture book (Co-author)
Meg on the moon - audio CD and picture book (Co-author)
Meg on the moon - audio cassette and picture book (Co-author)
Meg at sea - audio cassette and picture book (Co-author)
Meg and Mog - audio cassette and small picture book (Co-author)
Meg and Mog stories – audio cassette (Co-author)
Prof. William Plowden
Governance and nationbuilding: the failure of international intervention (Co-author)
Mr John Prest
The most difficult village: Wheatley, England, and the Church
Dr Lauren Ristvet
In the beginning: world history from human evolution to the first states
Mr Francis Routh
A parish songbook: carols, anthems & hymns / Francis Routh
An English organ book: preludes based on traditional plainchant melodies and hymns / Francis Routh
Dr George Rylands (Bequest)
Quoth the raven “one encore: no more” (2 copies)
Mr Karl Sabbagh
Palestine: a personal history
Dr Riemann’s zeros (hardback and paperback eds)
Prof Peter H.A. Sneath
A century of sonnets for Joan and Additional sonnets
Dr Michael Sonenscher
The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought (Contributor)
Before the deluge: public debt, inequality, and the origins of the French
Mr Tim Sparrow
Applied EI: the importance of attitudes in developing emotional intelligence(Co-author)
Dr Alison Spedding
Kawsachun coca: economia campesina cocalera en los Yungas y el Chapare
La voz de La Cuneta - No. 3 (Contributor)
Movimientos cocaleros en el Peru y Bolivia: Coca o muerte? (Co-author)
Dr John Sperling
The great divide: retro vs. metro America (Co-author)
Prof. Thomas J. Sugrue
The new suburban history (Co-editor)
Mr Leonard Rosborough Swanzy
The curtain’d sleep
Ms Susan Tomes
A Musician’s Alphabet
Dr Margaret Tudeau-Clayton
The comedies of Terence (Contributor)
Mr John Wild
The story of the Uganda agreement
Ebyafaayo by’endagaano: ya 1900
The Uganda Mutiny 1897
Early travellers in Acholi
Dr Gordon Wright
The anatomy of metaphor: a neurological analysis of language or, more
pretentiously, Principia neurological philosopiae
Ms Vashti Zarach
My cheating heart: contemporary short stories by women from Wales (Contributor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr J.S. Alabaster
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Atlas books
  • Prof. T. Avery
  • Dr N. Bacht
  • Ms J. Bapasola
  • Mr A. Barba-Kay
  • Dr A.G. Bearn
  • Mr D. Besomi
  • Blackstaff Press
  • Mrs A. Boxer
  • The British Library
  • Mr J. Bury
  • Mr D.J. Butterfield
  • Miss C. Campbell
  • Dr S. Cline
  • Ms G. Coleridge
  • Mr A. Copley
  • Ms C. Davidson, Mr C. Cookson and the Cookson Charitable Trust
  • Ms C. Davidson
  • Mrs M. de la Riva
  • ELT Press
  • Fitzwilliam College Library
  • Ms S. Fox
  • Friends of the National Libraries
  • Mr G.S. Gadd
  • Ms P. Hutchison
  • Dr A. Jones
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Ms M. Kaiser
  • Mr M. Kellit
  • Mr A. Kenwright – The Lancashire Parish Register Society
  • Prof. P. Kerry
  • Mr J. Lamplugh
  • Prof. M.S. Lawler
  • Mr O. Lucas
  • Mrs H. Meers
  • Dr C. Melville
  • Mr G. Mitchison
  • Canon L. Mortimer
  • Mr M. Motto
  • Dr L.T. Olsan
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Dr S. Parks
  • The Estate of Frances Partridge (given 2004)
  • Mr Michael Partridge
  • Mr S.P. Rosenbaum
  • Rowman & Littlefield
  • Mr D. Rowse
  • Running Press
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Prof. Andrew Schofield
  • Ms E. Sharpston
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Dr I Cintolesi – SISMEL – Edizioni del Galluzzo
  • Dr F. Soyer
  • Society of authors
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Mr M. Sugioka
  • Prof. G. Towl
  • V&A/TNA Purchase Fund
  • Ms S.S Welland
  • Mr W. White
  • Dr A. Wigger – Vervuert Verlagsgesellschaft
  • Mrs P. Willis

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