Donations 2005/6

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Dr James Alexander
Cider, college, courtship and council: a life of Frederic Bulmer 1865-1941 - typescript of draft biography (Archives)
Dr Georgina Born
Uncertain vision: Birt, Dyke and the reinvention of the BBC
Uncertain vision: Birt, Dyke and the reinvention of the BBC (reissue)
Mr John Buchanan-Brown
Early Victorian illustrated books: Britain, France and Germany, 1820-1860
Dr Richard Caplan
International governance of war-torn territories: rule and reconstruction
Europe and the recognition of new states in Yugoslavia
Prof. David Charlton
Théâtre de l’Opéra-comique Paris: repertoire 1762-1972 (Co-author)
Revd Dr Keith Clements
Bonhoeffer and Britain
Mr Humphrey Clucas
Taking stock: the first sixty years
Mr Andrew Cormack
A dictionary of computing - 5th ed. (Contributor)
Prof. John Dunn
Setting the people free: the story of democracy
Mr John G. Ellis
European churches living their faith in the context of globalisation (Contributor)
Prof. Mark Elvin
The retreat of the elephants: an environmental history of China
Mr Arthur Farndell
Gardens of philosophy: Ficino on Plato (Translator)
Dr Iain Fenlon
Early music history 24 (Editor)
Dr Christopher Field
Where there is no development agency: a manual for pastoralists and their Promoters
Dr Douglas Gibbs
Four seasons for unaccompanied S.A.T.B. choir (Composer)
Sir Nicholas Goodison
These fragments
Mr George Gregory
The birds of the state of Kuwait
Dr Geoffrey Harcourt
A ‘second edition’ of the general theory: vol. 1&2 – Japanese translation (Co-editor)
50 years a Keynesian and other essays
Prof. John Henderson
The triumph of art at Thorvaldsens Museum: ‘løve’ in Copenhagen
“Oxford Reds”: classic commentaries on Latin classics
Dr Michael Rand Hoare
The quest for the true figure of the earth: ideas and expeditions in four
centuries of geodesy
Dr Istvan Hont
Jealousy of trade: international competition and the nation-state in historical Perspective
Dr Lisa Hopkins
Shakespeare on the edge: border-crossing in the tragedies and the Henriad
Dr Patrick Hutt
Confronting an ill society: David Widgery, general practice, idealism and the chase for change (Co-author)
Dr Elizabeth Irwin
Solon and early Greek poetry: the politics of exhortation
Mr C.D. Johnson
Recent advances in surgery: 29 (Co-editor)
Mr Hugh Johnson
Wine: a life uncorked
Prof. Robert Kirk
Zombies and consciousness
Dr Wendy Lesser
The pagoda in the garden: a novel in three parts
Dr Hallvard Lillehammer
Ramsey’s legacy (Co-editor)
Professor Richard Lynn
Race differences in intelligence: an evolutionary analysis
Dr Peter Mangold
The almost impossible ally: Harold Macmillan and Charles de Gaulle
Dr Jean Michel Massing
Offprint from The Journal of Stained Glass Vol. Xxix Containing &Ldquo;Hilary Wayment Obe, Littd, Fsa&Rdquo; And &Ldquo;Hilary Wayment: An Art Historical Bibliography&Rdquo; (2 Copies)
Mr Anthony Mitchell
Kingston Lacy, Dorset
Prior Park, landscape garden
Prof. Brian Moloney
Italian novels of peasant crisis, 1930-1050: bonfires in the night
Dr Linda Murgatroyd
Quaker artists in Wandsworth: an exhibition of contemporary arts & crafts (Editor)
Mr Charles Nicholl
Leonardo da Vinci: the flights of the mind
Mr Lawrence Nield
27°27’S.153°02’E 33°51’s.151°12’E 35°17’S.149°07’E 37°48’S.144°58’E (Contributor)
Prof Maurice Obstfeld
International economics: theory & policy &emdash; seventh edition (Co-author)
Prof. Robin Osborne
Greek ritual poetics (Contributor)
The Hesiodic catalogue of women: constructions and reconstructions (Contributor)
Mediterranean urbanization: 800-600 BC (Co-editor and contributor)
Prof. Patrick Parrinder
The sleeper awakes / H.G. Wells (Editor)
Prof. Oliver Penrose
Foundations of statistical mechanics: a deductive treatment
Dr Geoffrey Plow
Irmtraud Morgner: adventures in knowledge, 1959-1974
Dr Dennis G. Rice
Cats in English porcelain of the 19th century
Dogs in English porcelain of the 19th century
Mr Philip Purser
Lights in the sky
Dr Anthony Reid
Charting the shape of early modern Southeast Asia
Essential outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the modern transformation of
Southeast Asia and Central Europe (Co-editor)
Nation-building: five Southeast Asian histories (Contributor)
Mr William RiviÈRe
By the Grand Canal
Mr Francis Routh
A collection of scores for the Rowe music library
Prof. Probir Roy
Theory and phenomenology of sparticles: an account of four-dimensional N=1 supersymmetry in high energy physics (Co-author)
Dr George Rylands (Bequest)
The raven himself is hoarse (2 copies)
Croaked the raven ‘one no more’ (4 copies)
Ms Jessica Rydill
Children of the Shaman
Prof. Dr. Bertram Schefold
Conferimento Laurea honoris causa in Scienze Politiche a Bertram Schefold (Contributor)
Ms Eleanor Sharpston
Report on the South London Citizens Enquiry into service provision by the
Immigration and Nationality Directorate at Lunar House (Co- commissioner and co-chair)
Professor David Simpson
9/11: the culture of commemoration
Dr Alison Spedding
Historia de la rebeldía yungueña : 1771-2003 (Co-compiler and
Sueños, kharisiris y curanderos: Dinámicas socials de las creencias en los Andes contemporaneous
Mujeres en los movimientos socials en Bolivia 2000-2003 (Co-author)
Raices: revista Boliviana de la fundación de Afro descendientes, issues 1 and 2 (Contributor)
Prof. Jonathan Tennyson
Astronomical spectroscopy: an introduction to the atomic and molecular physics of astronomical spectra
Prof. Anthony Thomson
The making of social theory: order, reason, and desire
Ms Susan Tomes
Beyond the notes: journeys with chamber music
Dr Tony Weir
Renewable energy resources &emdash; 2nd edition (Co-author)
Mr Gerhard Wilke
Living leadership: a practical guide for ordinary heroes (Co-author)
Ms Sarah F. Wood
Quixotic fictions of the USA: 1792-1815
Dr Zhang Yangwen
The social life of opium in China
Dr Nicolette Zeeman
Piers Plowman and the medieval discourse of desire

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr John S. Alabaster - The Friends of the Forster Country
  • Mrs K. Arrandale
  • Dr K.E. Attar
  • Ms J. Boyle
  • Dr D. Burnett
  • Mr J. Bury
  • Cambridge University Library: Official Publications Dept.
  • Christ’s College Library
  • Civitas: Institute for the study of civil society
  • Classical Faculty Library
  • Ms A. Cole
  • Mr J.A. DiVanna
  • Dr H. Dixon
  • Ms M Dobrowolski and Ms M. Boos
  • East Anglian Film Archive
  • The European Ombudsman
  • Fotogenix publishing
  • Fondazione Edison
  • Mr C. Gandy
  • Mr D. Graham
  • Harvard University Press
  • Dr S. Hugh-Jones
  • Ms P. Hutchinson
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Judge Business School
  • Ms S. Juneja, HarperCollins
  • Dr M. Keynes
  • King’s College Choir
  • Sir M. Latham
  • Ms A. Leblanc and Ms D. Anderson
  • Ms H. Lintott
  • Mr D. Markewich
  • Prof. S. Marr
  • Mr J. McCue
  • Mr P. Mellors
  • Mrs I. Okuyama Dryden
  • Ons Erfdeel vzw
  • Sir D. Oulton
  • Oxford University Press
  • Ms D. Pacha, A-R Editions
  • Dr S. Panayotova, Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Dr S. Parks
  • Pearson Education
  • Miss B. Peterson &emdash; King’s Foreign Film Club
  • Mrs J. Platt
  • Ms M. Poufou
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Prof. A. Quadrio Curzio and Prof. F. Pellizzari
  • Prof. A. Rosselli
  • Mr N. Routledge
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Mr J. Sacher - The Royal Philatelic Society London
  • Mr A. Saint
  • Dr A. Savin
  • Ms R. Scurr
  • Seeley Historical Library
  • Social and Political Sciences Library
  • Society of authors
  • Ms Eleanor Sharpston
  • Miss E. Stratton, Selwyn College Archives
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • The Sufi Trust
  • Prof. Kathryn Sutherland
  • Prof. T. Takamiya
  • Mr D. Tanner (books belonging to the late Professor Tony Tanner, K.C.C.)
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Countess C. Tolstoy
  • Trinity College Library
  • Trinity University Press
  • Sir D. and Lady N. Turing
  • Prof. F.M. Turner - Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Miss S. Ulker
  • Mr P. Vann
  • Prof. R. Vos
  • Dr F. Warner
  • Mrs L. Wayment
  • Dr J. Weingärtner
  • Mrs P. Williams
  • Dr E Wood-Ellem
  • Mr A. Wykes

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