Donations 2003/4

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Prof. Ivan Avakumovic
Where the grass is greener
Mr Peter Avery
Hafiz of Shiraz: thirty poems, an introduction to the Sufi master (Co&ndashtranslator)
Prof. Charles Barr
Mr Martin Bell
Through gates of fire: a journey into world disorder
Mr Jonathan Benthall
The best of Anthropology Today (Editor)
The charitable crescent: politics of aid in the Muslim world (Co–author)
Dr. Philippa Berry
Textures of Renaissance knowledge (Co–editor)
Dr. John A. Black
Alexandro Malaspina: enlightenment thinker? (Editor)
Dr Barry Bracewell&Ndash;Milnes
Is a mast a must? how to fight off intruders
Dr Eeva Burglund
Ethnographies of conservation: environmentalism and the distribution of privilege (Co–editor)
Sir Adrian Cadbury
Corporate governance and chairmanship: a personal view (2 copies)
Prof. Charles A. Cain
Guarantee and hybrid companies in the Isle of Man
Dr Martin Davies
Nel mezzo del cammin: a Dante journey through 700 years of text and images
Dr Ashok V. Desai
The price of onions
Prof. Alan P. Dickin
On a faraway day: a new view of Genesis in ancient Mesopotamia
Mr Malcolm Drummond
The Clays of Muswell Hill: a Victorian printing dynasty
L’Heure Du Berger (Composer)
Mr Arthur Farndell
A Mahabharata companion
Dr Iain Fenlon
Early Music History 22 (Editor)
Der moderne komponist baut auf der wahrheit: opern des barock von
Monteverdi bis Mozart (Contributor)
The Cambridge companion to Titian (Contributor)
Prof. John G. Fitch
Seneca: Opedipus = Agamemnon = Thyestes = Hercules on Oeta = Octavia
(Editor and translator)
Dr Ajit K. Ghose
Jobs and incomes in a globalizing world
Prof. Stanley Glasser
Crossroads (Chezuchezu) for clarinet and piano (Composer)
Wood: three vignettes for harpsichord, treble recorder and acoustic guitar
Sir Nicholas Goodison
Masterpieces of English furniture: the Gerstenfeld collection (Contributor)
Goodison review: securing the best for our museums: private giving and
government support
Professor Andrew Gurr
The Shakespeare company: 1594–1642
Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London (3rd ed.)
Dr John Henderson
The Roman book of gardening
Morals and villas in Seneca’s letters: places to dwell
Mr Ian Herbert
The World of Theatre: 2003 edition (Editor)
Theatre Index 2002 (Editor)
Mr David Holbrook
Going off the rails: the history of a Norfolk railway family
Dr Robin Holloway
On music: essays and diversions, 1963–2003
Prof. Caroline Humphrey
Transparency and conspiracy: ethnographies of suspicion in the New World
Order (Contributor)
Revd. Dr. Robert Innes
Rebuilding trust in healthcare (Co–editor)
Revd. Canon D.E.R. Isitt
The Greeks and the sea
Dr Robert Jackaman
Apes Road: poems since 1997
Broken English / better English: a study of contemporary poetics in English
Ms Lucy Jago
The Northern Lights
Prof. Sir Frank Kermode
The age of Shakespeare
Mr Roger Kidd
A collection of poems (untitled)
Prof. Robert Kirk
Mind and body
Prof. Gordon Leff
Heresy, philosophy and religion in the medieval West
The dissolution of the medieval outlook: an essay on the
intellectual and spiritual change in the fourteenth century
William of Ockham: the metamorphosis of scholastic discourse
Dr Humphrey Lloyd
While memory serves
Sir Ian Lloyd
Meeting the challenges of the future: a discussion between “the two cultures”
(Discussion contributor)
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Jean Rhys revisited
Skeleton keys
Professor Richard Lynn
Eugenics: a reassessment
Prof. Arthur Mcgrade
The Cambridge companion to medieval philosophy (Editor)
Prof. Malcolm Maccallum
Exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations
Dr Jean Michel Massing
Studies in imagery vol.1: texts and images
Mr Brian Mattinson
Eddi’s service (Composer)
Mr John Milne
David of Cambridge: some notes
Prof. Brian Moloney
A.M.’s longest journey (Translator)
“This England is so different”: Italo Svevo’s London writings (Co–editor and
“È tanto differente questa Inghilterra”: gli scritti londinesi di Italo Svevo (Co–
Prof. Leonidas Montes
Adam Smith in context: a critical reassessment of some central components of
his thought
Major General Partap Narain
Royal Military Academy Woolwich: the shop
Mrs Virginia Nicholson
Among the Bohemians: experiments in living 1900–1939
Prof. Maurice Obstfeld
Globalization in historical perspective (Contributor)
Global capital markets: integration, crisis and growth (Co–author)
Prof. Robin Osborne
Greek historical inscriptions 404–323 BC (Co–editor)
Rome at war: farms, families and death in the Middle Republic (Series Co–
Dr Bernard Palmer
Serving two masters: parish patronage in the Church of England since 1714
Dr. Stephen Parks
The Beinecke Library of Yale University (Editor)
The Yale University Library Gazette: April 2003 (Editor)
Mr Brian Pickard
Treading on the camomile: an insight into the origins, the early days and the
daily life on Bishop Stopford’s School at Enfield (Co–author)
Mr Jan Pienkowski
Meg Mog and Og – 2 copies (Co–author)
Meg up the creek – 2 copies (Co–author
The animals went in two by two: a Noah’s Ark pop–up book
Med and Mog jigsaw puzzle book (Co–author)
Meg and Mog: series one ep20–26 – video (Co–author)
Meg and Mog – book and toy set (Co–author)
Dr Geraldine Pinch
Egyptian myth: a very short introduction
Egyptian mythology: a guide to the gods, goddesses, and traditions of Ancient
Revd. Dr. Norman Pittenger (Bequest)
The Christian view of sexual behavior: a reaction to the Kinsey Report
Christian words to a Homosexual
Time for consent: a Christian’s approach to homosexuality
Is Gay good?: ethics, theology, and homosexuality (Contributor)
Towards a theology of Gay liberation (Contributor)
The life of Jesus Christ
The life of Saint Paul
The life of Saint Peter
Martin Luther: the great reformer
Saint Thomas Aquinas: the angelic doctor
Viewpoints: some aspects of Anglican thinking (Co–editor)
Preaching the Christian year (Contributor)
Christ for us today: papers from the fiftieth annual conference of Modern
Churchmen, held at Somerville College Oxford, 24–28 July, 1967 (Editor)
His body the Church: the Bohlen Lectures for 1945
Christ and Christian faith: some presuppositions and implications of the
The Gay academic (Contributor)
This holy fellowship: the ancient faith in the modern parish (Co–editor)
Sacraments, signs and symbols: with essays on related topics
God in us: the theory and practice of Christian devotion (Co–editor)
Light life love
The principles and practice of the Christian faith
The church, the ministry and reunion
What does the Episcopal Church stand for?: some answers for visitors and
The Christian way in a modern world
Christian faith and worship
Sermons from Great St Mary’s (Contributor)
Early traditions about Jesus (Editor)
The faith of the Apostle’s creed (Editor)
Love looks deep
God in Process
What is the priesthood?: a book on vocation (Co–author)
The new view of Christianity (Editor)
Alfred North Whitehead
Proclaiming Christ today
Christian faith and the question of history
He was the Dean: a memoir of Lawrence Rose, Dean of the General
Theological Seminary 1947–1966 (Contributor)
Goodness distorted
The Apostle’s Creed (Contributor)
Stewards of the mysteries of Christ
The word incarnate: a study of the doctrine of the person of Christ
Reconceptions in Christian thinking 1817–1967
Trying to be a Christian
Christ in the haunted wood: the Christian foundation for the good life
The faith of the Church (Co–author)
A dictionary of Christian theology (Contributor)
The approach to Christianity
Making sexuality human (2 copies)
Response: March 1 to April 30, 1968 (Contributor)
Theology and reality: essays in restatement
Unity in the faith (Editor)
Rethinking the Christian message
Christian affirmations
Process thought and Christian faith
“The last things” in a Process perspective
The Christian Church as social process
Love is the clue
Abounding Grace
Christology reconsidered
God’s way with men: a study of the relationship between God and Man in
providence, “miracle” and prayer
In celebration: Integrity’s first national convention (Contributor)
The pathway to believing
The Upper Room disciplines: 1974 (Contributor)
Morphologies of faith: essays in religion and culture in honor of Nathan A.
Scott, Jr. (Contributor)
The Christian sacrifice: a study of the Eucharist in the life of the Christian
Tomorrow’s faith today: essays on rethinking the Christian message toward a
new modernism
The Episcopalian way of life
Early Britain: the Celtics, Romans and Anglo–Saxons
Henry VIII of England
Richard the Lion–hearted: the crusader King
Plato: his life and teachings
The historic faith and a changing world
Christian history and interpretation: studies presented to John Knox
Religious experience and process theology: the pastoral implications of a
major modern movement (Contributor)
Jackson Kemper in the northwest
The liberal spirit in religion (Co–author)
What does God do?
What sort of God?
Process theology: basic writings (Contributor)
Some notes on an ethic for homosexuals
Mediaeval Christian thinkers – Chinese translation (Advisory editor)
Mr Basil Reckitt
Diary of anti–aircraft defence: 1938–1944
Professor Bruce Redford
Being there together: essays in honor of Michael C.J. Putnam on the occasion
of his seventieth birthday (Contributor)
Dr Keith Sagar
DH Lawrence’s paintings
Dr John Shand
Fundamentals of philosophy (Editor)
Prof. Paul Snowdon
Kenkyusha’s new Japanese – English dictionary (Co–editor)
Dr. Michael Sonenscher
Political writings: including the debate between Sieyès and Tom Paine in
1791 (Editor)
Dr Alison Spedding Pallet
Nosotros los Yungueños: nanakax yunkas tuqinkiripxtw. Testimonios de los
Yungeños del siglo XX (Co–compiler)
Así erradicaron mi cocal: testimonio de campesinos chapareños en los tiempos
de erradicación forzosa (Co–author)
En defenda de la hoja de coca: cuaderno de resumen (Coordinator)
Gente de carne y bueso: las tramas de parentesco en los Andes
Temas sociales 20 (Contributor)
La estructura de la represión: origen social y trayectoria jurídica de las
procesadas bajo la Ley 1008
Prof. Peter Stansky
Sassoon: the worlds of Philip and Sybil
Mr Handley Stevens
Transport policy in the European Union
Mr Donald Stewart
The buildings of Saffron Walden (Co–author)
Mrs Bridget Strevens&Ndash;Marzo
Kiss Kiss! (Illustrator)
Dr Erika Swales
Reading Goethe: a critical introduction to the literary work (Co–author).
Dr Timothy Taylor
The buried soul: how humans invented death
Mr Nicholas Tucker
The rough guide to books for teenagers (Co–author)
Darkness visible: inside the world of Philip Pullman
Mr Paul D.L. Turner
The complete works of Robert Browning: volume XIV (Co–editor)
Professor Raymond Van Dam
Kingdom of snow: Roman rule and Greek culture in Cappadocia
Families and friends in late Roman Cappadocia
Becoming Christian: the conversion of Roman Cappadocia
Prof. Stephen Waddams
Dimensions of private law: categories and concepts in Anglo–American legal
Mr Gerhard Wilke
Leaders in transition: the dramas of ordinary heroes (Co–author)
Sister Rowan Clare Williams
A condition of complete simplicity: Franciscan wisdom for today’s world
Dr J. Mallory Wober
Music from Africa – CD (Recorded by Dr Wober in Africa)
Mr Antony Wood
The bridegroom; with Count Nulin and The tale of the golden cockerel
Dr Bob Van Der Zwaan
Sharing the planet: population consumption species: science and ethics for a
sustainable and equitable world (Co–editor)

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Rev. S.S. Abbott
  • Mr R.S. Anderson
  • Apostle’s Secretary
  • Mr P. Avery
  • Mr A.P. Banham
  • Dr P. Berry
  • Mr J. Bury
  • Cambridge University Library
  • Mr R.W. Cann
  • Mr P. Cave
  • Pastor T. Chapman
  • Classics Library
  • Dr M. Cook
  • Mr J.A. DiVanna
  • Dr H. Dixon
  • Dr G. Dostaler
  • Miss T. Elward
  • European Central Bank
  • Dr I. Fenlon
  • Mr J. Fuller
  • Dr V.K. Garg
  • Mr D. Gilson
  • Mrs J. Green
  • Gyldendal
  • Mr M. Haag
  • Mr D. Immerwahr
  • Dr A.W. Jones
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Dr L. Kassell
  • Prof. R.J. Kent
  • Dr M. Keynes
  • Ms A.M. King
  • King’s College Music Society
  • Mr D. Leung
  • Lewis Walpole Library
  • Sir I. Lloyd
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Lovells
  • Macmillan
  • Ms R. Malloch
  • Dr J. Massing
  • A.E. Melville
  • Dr P. Mody
  • Prof. D. Moggach
  • Mr R. Morrish
  • Mr D. J. Noden
  • Mrs M. Noden
  • Mrs A. Olivier Bell
  • Prof. R. Osborne
  • Mr B. Page
  • Ms R. Pardoe
  • Dr S. Parks
  • Mrs J. Platt
  • Mr P. Pockley
  • Mr B. Pollitt
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Mr C. Ryan
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Dr A. Santangelo
  • Mr S. Sanyal
  • Seeley Library
  • Ms E. Sharpston
  • Mr J. Smurthwaite
  • Society of authors
  • Sothebys
  • Springer
  • Dr J. Springhall
  • Squire Law Library
  • Stichting Ons Erfdeel
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • T. Takahashi
  • Mr D. Tanner
  • Thai Ministry of Culture
  • Mr R. Thomas
  • Prof. G. Towl
  • Mr C. van Hasselt
  • Prof. J.L. Whitby
  • Mr S. Wilkinson
  • Mr J. Wix

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