Donations 2002/3

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Prof. Martin Bernal
China in revolution: the first phase, 1900-1913 (Contributor).
Culture and history 3 (Contributor).
Prof. Antony Black
Guild & state: European political thought from the twelfth century to the present
Dr John Black
A translation of Arthur Ahlvers’ Zahl und klang bei Platon / number and sound in Plato (Translator).
Dr Philip Booth
Planning by consent: the origins and nature of British development control
Partenariat public-privé et collectivities territoriales (Contributor)
Le commerce et la ville en Europe: le droit des implantations commerciales (Contributor)
Prof. Peter Bowler
Reconciling science and religion: the debate in early twentieth-century Britain
Prof. Janet Browne
Charles Darwin: the power of place.
Sir Adrian Cadbury
Corporate governance and chairmanship: a personal view.
Mr David Carter
Love bade me welcome: a British Methodist perspective on the Church.
Mr Rupert Christiansen
A pocket guide to Opera
Revd. Dr Keith Clements
The churches in Europe as witnesses to healing
Sir Alan Cook
A century of science publishing (Contributor)
Notes and records of the Royal Society, Volume 55, No. 1 (Contributor).
Pictures of plants illustrating exotic collections
Mr A. Colin Day
Collins thesaurus of the Bible
Prof. John Dunn
Pensare la politica
Post-Cold War and peace (Contributor)
Locke: a very short introduction
Mr Hilary Evans
Seeing ghosts: experiences of the paranormal
Dr Iain Fenlon
Early Music History, 21 (Editor)
Music and culture in late Renaissance Italy
Prof. John G. Fitch
Hercules = Trojan women = Phoenician women = Medea = Phaedra / Seneca (Editor)
Mr Keith Gapp
Customer fundamentalism: service and customer-centred strategy in wealth Management (Co-author)
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Dead reckoning
Prof. Stanley Glasser
Zulu proverbs II: for five solo female voices and percussion (Composer)
Zulu proverbs III: for bass and treble a cappella (Composer)
Bric-à-brac for Piano: set 10: nos 37-40 (Composer)
Bric-à-brac for Piano: set 9: nos 33-36 (Composer)
Salute to the Snail: for SATB a cappella (Composer)
Fair Do’s for Frogs: for SATB a cappella (Composer)
Puppy-Dog’s Tails: for SATB a cappella (Composer)
Sir Nicholas Goodison
Matthew Boulton: Ormolu
Dr Leila Green
Communication, technology and society.
Mr E.C. Greenall
Kaunda’s gaoler: memoirs of a District Officer in Northern Rhodesia and Zambia (Co-author)
Prof Sinclair Goodlad
Christian universities and colleges: a conceptual enquiry
Dr Ross Harrison
Hobbes, Locke, and confusion’s masterpiece: an examination of seventeenth-century political philosophy
Dr Dominic Hibberd
Wilfred Owen: a new biography
Dr Lisa Hopkins
The female hero in English Renaissance tragedy
Writing Renaissance queens: texts by and about Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots
Prof. Caroline Humphrey
Markets and moralities: ethnographies of postsocialism (Co-editor) 2 copies.
Dr Thupten Jinpa
Self, reality and reason in Tibetan philosophy: Tsongkhapa’s quest for the middle way
Mr Colin Johnson
Recent advances in surgery 26 (Co-editor)
Prof. Lee Johnson
The paintings of Eugéne Delacroix: a critical catalogue, fourth supplement and reprint of third supplement.
Dr Willem M. Jongman
After the past: essays in ancient history in honour of H.W. Pleket (Co-editor)
Prof. Sir Frank Kermode
Pieces of my mind: writings 1958-2002
Mr Roger Kidd
Late poems IV
Dr Stephen C. Levinson
Space in language and cognition: explorations in cognitive diversity
Mr Jonathan Lewis
Hell in the Pacific: from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima and beyond (Co-author)
Prof. Sir Geoffrey Lloyd
The way and the word: science and medicine in early China and Greece (Co- author)
La vérité dans les sciences: symposium annuel (Contributor)
Mr Stuart Lyons
Harnessing our genius: British Science in the 21st century
Prof. Alan Macfarlane
The glass bathyscaphe (Co-author).
Green gold: the empire of tea (Co-author)
Prof Peter Matthews
Linguistics: a very short introduction
Mr Charles Mosley
Blood royal: from the time of Alexander the Great to Queen Elizabeth II, a Golden Jubilee memoir, 1952-2002
Ms Kate Newmann
The blind woman in the blue house
Mr John Noble
A noble family descent (Co-author)
Prof. Maurice Obstfeld
International economics: theory and policy, 6th edition. (Co-author).
Quarterly Journal of Economics: Volume CXVII, May 2002 (Contributor)
Mr Garry O'Connor
Paul Scofield: the biography
Dr Stephen Parks
Yale University Library Gazette, occasional supplement 4: Old books, new learning: essays on Medieval and Renaissance books at Yale (Editor).
Yale University Library Gazette, April 2001 (Editor)
Yale University Library Gazette, April 2002 (Editor)
Yale University Library Gazette, October 2002 (Editor)
Prof.Charles Parsons
Kurt Gödel: collected works, Volumes IV and V (Co-editor)
Mr I.G. Patel
Glimpses of Indian economic policy: an insider’s view
Dr Steven Paul
Polnisches requiem (Producer)
Il canto sospeso / Kindertotenlieder (Producer)
Prof. Peter Reddaway
Kennan Institute for advanced Russian studies: Occasional paper no. 192
The forced labour camps in the U.S.S.R. today: an unrecognized example of modern inhumanity
Frontier: Vol. 12 No. 2 May 1969. (Contributor)
Freedom of worship and the law
The case of Leonid Plyushch (Co-translator and contributor)
Lenin: the man, the theorist, the leader, a reappraisal (Co-editor)
Soviet psychiatric abuse: the shadow over world psychiatry (Co-author)
Uncensored Russia: the human rights movement in the Soviet Union (Editor and translator)
Religion and the search for new ideals in the USSR (Contributor)
The trial of the four: a collection of materials on the case of Galanskov, Ginzburg, Dobrovolsky & Lashkova, 1967-68 (Editor of English text)
Mr Frederic C. Rich
The Hudson Oratorio: a celebration of America’s River – CD (Composer)
Mr C.J.D. Roberts
The works of Charles Babbage - 11 volumes (Consultant).
Professor Mohammad Shaheen
The modern Arabic short story: Shahrazad returns
Dr John Shand
Philosophy and philosophers: an introduction to Western philosophy
Mr R.A. Shepherd
Eclipse of the son
Prof. Paul Snowdon
Numbers for you (Co-author)
English numbers and you
Prof. Mario Tiberi
I conti dell’Impero britannico
Dr Dan Tunstall Pedoe
Marathon medicine (Editor).
Mr Paul Turner
Utopia (Translator)
Dr D.E. Viney
An illustrated flora of North Cyprus, volumes one and two.
Mr Tom Wakeford
Liaisons of life: from hornwarts to hippos, how the unassuming microbe has driven evolution
Dr Tony Whitten
The ecology of Java and Bali (Co-author)
Prof. Bernard Williams
Truth and truthfulness: an essay in genealogy
Mr Nicholas Wollaston
My father Sandy
Prof. Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Hearts of darkness: wellsprings of a Southern literary tradition
The shaping of Southern culture: honor, grace, and war, 1760s-1890s
Yankee saints and Southern sinners

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr W. Allaerts
  • Prof. D. Arnold
  • Dr K. Attar
  • Mr P. Avery
  • Mr J. P. Bartlett
  • Prof. P. Bateson
  • Prof. B Bennett
  • Boydell & Brewer Ltd
  • Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society
  • Cambridge University Library
  • Dr L. Carter
  • Chambers and Partners
  • Ms S. Chidgey
  • Churchill Society
  • Constable & Robinson Ltd.
  • Miss A. Cook
  • Mr I. De Massini
  • Mr J. Divanna
  • Mr S. Digby
  • Mr L. Dodd
  • European Central Bank
  • Prof. M. Fillion
  • Prof. N. Forsyth
  • Freeland Rees Roberts Architects
  • Guild of Handicraft Trust
  • Mrs L. Hammer
  • The Haworth Press, Inc.
  • Prof. T. Khalidi
  • Ms D. Kulviecaitè
  • Dr M. Lane
  • Mr J. Laurent
  • Mr N. Leggett
  • Mrs J. Lloyd
  • Mr G. Lyons
  • Dr J. Mallinson
  • Dr J.M. Massing
  • Dr Marston
  • Ms K. Newmann
  • Office of the National Cultural Commission, Thailand
  • Prof. R Osborne
  • Sir J. Paulson
  • Provincia autonoma di Trento
  • Mr D. Potts
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Mrs P. Sale
  • Ms E. Sharpston
  • Ms R. Smith
  • Society of Authors
  • Stichting Ons Erfdeel
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Mrs H. Szwerinski
  • Taylor & Francis Books Ltd
  • University of Minnesota
  • Revd. D. R. Viles
  • Prof. J.L. Whitby
  • Dr. T.O. White
  • Mr N. Wollaston
  • Women & Equality Unit
  • Dr M Woodbridge
  • Dr N. Zeeman

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