Donations 2001/2

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Mr David Adams
Technical standards for places of entertainment (Editor and co-author).
Model national standard conditions for places of entertainment: and associated guidance (Editor and co-author).
Dr Stephen Alford
Kingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI.
Dr Elizabeth Archibald
Incest and the medieval imagination.
Dr Robert Aunger
Darwinizing culture: the status of memetics as a science (Editor).
Prof. Martin Bernal
Black Athena writes back: Martin Bernal responds to his critics.
Dr Philippa Berry
British identities and English Renaissance literature / edited by David J. Baker andWilly Maley (Contributor).
Rev. John Bridgen
Collected poems / Humphrey Moore (Editor).
Dr Michael Byram
Bilingual and trilingual education (Co-editor).
Cultural studies and language learning: a research report (Co-editor).
Germany: its representation in textbooks for teaching German in Great Britain (Editor).
Identité sociale et dimension européenne (Co-editor).
Journal of multilingual and multicultural development: special issue on education and indigenous ethnic minorities (Editor).
Language, culture and curriculum. Special issue, Cultural representation in language learning and teacher training (Co-editor).
Language learners as ethnographers (Co-author).
Teaching and assessing intercultural communicative competence.
Dr Patrick Dixon
The genetic revolution.
Prof. John Dunn
Civil society: history and possibilities (Contributor).
Two lectures by John Dunn: the maruyama lecture & seminar 2001.
Mr John G. Ellis
Bowing at the footstool: a history of our church.
Dr D.B.A. Evans
The first (and probably only) Evancyclical.
Dr Iain Fenlon
Early Music History, 20 (Editor).
Dr Robert Foley
Genes, fossils and behaviour: an integrated approach to human evolution (Co-editor).
Dr Thomas Gill
Men of uncertainty: the social organization of day laborers in contemporary Japan.
Prof. Stanley Glasser
Bric-à-brac for piano. Set 8: Nos. 29-32 (Composer).
Dr Simon Goldhill
Being Greek under Rome (Editor).
Who needs Greek?
The invention of prose.
Sir Nicholas Goodison
Goodison group seminar papers: a compendium (Chairman).
Prof. Sinclair Goodlad
Prologue: a journal of colleges & universities of the Anglican Communion,
Volume III (Contributor).
Various articles in: Liberal education, Stainless Steel World and Valve World (Contributor).
Rev. Peter Graham
Skypilot: memoirs from take-off to landing.
Rt Revd Lord John Habgood
The concept of nature.
Dr Ross Harrison
Henry Sidgwick (Editor).
Prof. Andrew Hannan
Broadcast television effects in a remote community (Co-editor).
Mr David Holbrook
Nonsense against sorrow: a phenomenological study of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' books.
Prof. Caroline Humphrey
Postsocialism: ideals, ideologies and practices in Eurasia (Contributor).
Dr John Huthnance
Deep-sea research, pt. 2: Topical studies in oceanography. Ocean margin exchange in the northern gulf of Biscay: Omex 1 (Co-editor).
Dr Robert Jackaman
Late love songs.
Mr C D Johnson, MChir FRCS
Recent advances in surgery, 23 (Co-editor).
Recent advances in surgery, 24 (Co-editor).
Recent advances in surgery, 25 (Co-editor).
Mr Peter Murray Jones
International dictionary of library histories – Volumes I and II (Contributor).
Prof. Sir Frank Kermode
Pleasing myself: from Beowulf to Philip Roth.
Mr Roger Kidd
Late poems III.
Prof. Stephen E.G. Lea
Student debt: the causes and consequences of undergraduate borrowing in the UK (Co-editor).
Dr Stephen C. Levinson
Presumptive meanings: the theory of generalized conversational implicature.
Dr Hallvard Lillehammer
Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, December 2001 (Guest co-editor).
Mr Stuart R. Lyons
A department for business: the DTI in the 21st century.
Dr Peter Mangold
Success and failure in British foreign policy: evaluating the record, 1900-2000.
Dr Nicholas Marston
Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in E, Op. 109.
Mr Richard Martin
Fiscal decentralisation and sub-national government finance – CDROM (Contributor).
Ms Fiona Measham
Illegal leisure: the normalization of adolescent drug use (Co-author).
Dr Geoff Moggridge
Chemical product design (Co-author).
How to get into Oxford and Cambridge: beating the boffins.
Ms Kate Newmann
The blind woman in the blue house.
Prof. George Norman
Market structure and competition policy: game theoretic approaches (Co-editor and contributor).
Industrial organization: contemporary theory and practice (Co-author).
Prof. Maurice Obstfeld
Currency unions (Contributor).
IMF Annual Research Conference 2001: IMF staff papers, vol. 47 (Contributor).
Prof. Roland Oliver
Medieval Africa, 1250-1800 (Co-author).
Dr Stephen Parks
Yale University Library gazette, cumulative index (Editor).
Yale University Library gazette, October 2001 (Editor).
Commonplace books: a history of manuscripts and printed books from Antiquity to the twentieth century / by Earle Havens. (Contributor).
Yale University Library gazette, April 2002 (Editor).
Dr Chandra Kant Patel
Fiscal reforms in the least developed countries (Editor).
Trade diversification in the least developed countries (Co-editor).
Prof. Alan D.R. Phelps
Generation and application of high power microwaves (Co-editor and contributor).
Dr Daniel Pick
Svengali’s web: the alien enchanter in modern culture.
Dr. Norman Platt
Making Music.
Prof. Peter Pulzer
Liberalism, anti-semitism, and democracy (Honoree and Contributor).
Mr Leonard B. Rix
Journey by moonlight (Translator).
Ms Emma Rothschild
Economic sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment.
Prof. David Simpson
Situatedness, or, why we keep saying where we’re coming from.
Mrs Hazel Smith
Milton 2000: a daily photographic record (Contributor).
Mr Lewis Stretch
Nuclear and worse disasters.
Dr Erika Swales
The poetics of scepticism: Gottfried Keller and Die Leute von Seldwyla
Reading Goethe: a critical introduction to the literary work (Co-author).
Dr Nathaniel Tarn
Three letters from the city: the St. Petersburg poems, 1968-98.
Selected poems 1950-2000.
Prof Mario Tiberi
Temi di attualita – Taking stock of European integration (Contributor).
Mr Paul D.L. Turner
The complete works of Robert Browning: Volume XII (Co-editor).
Mr Ed Vulliamy
Seasons in hell: understanding Bosnia’s war.
Dr S. Max Walters
Darwin’s mentor: John Stevens Henslow, 1796-1861 (Co-author).
Prof. Bernard Williams
The gay science (Editor).
Dr Nicolette Zeeman
Images, idolatry, and iconoclasm in Late Medieval England: textuality and the visual image (Co-editor).

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Mr J. Alexander
  • Dr S. Alford
  • American Trust for the British Library
  • Lady G. Annan
  • Ms J. Annan
  • André Deutsch
  • Architectural Press
  • Mr P. Ashford
  • Mr A. Attlesey
  • Mr C. Barker
  • Dr C Bayly
  • Bonhams & Brooks
  • Dr A. Breeze
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Ms M. Carter
  • Cassell & Co.
  • Cecil Woolf
  • Chambers and Partners
  • Courtauld Institute Gallery
  • Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
  • Elsevier Science B.V.
  • Ms P. Farvolden
  • Dr I. Fenlon
  • Prof. M. Fillion
  • Dr P. Fox
  • Mr H. Freeland
  • Mr N.C. Garganas
  • Mr J. Geach
  • Graphic Press UK
  • Dr F. Harris
  • Ms S. Hastings
  • Mr G. Henderson
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Judge Business School (previously: Judge Institute of Management Studies)
  • JPH Publications
  • Ms R. Jupp
  • Dr J. Laidlaw
  • Dr M. Lane
  • Margaret Thatcher Foundation
  • Dr N. Marston
  • Ms C. Meatyard
  • Dr J. Metzdorf
  • Misuzu Shobo Publishing Co.
  • Mr T. Newton
  • Ms L. Olivier
  • Prof. R. Osborne
  • Ms B. Parham
  • Dr S. Parks
  • Miss S. Parkins
  • Dr G. Pattison
  • Palgrave
  • Pearson Education Italia
  • Penguin Books
  • Phaidon Press Ltd.
  • Prof. R. Price
  • Mr T. Roast
  • Dr G. Rylands (bequest)
  • Mr Antonio Santangelo
  • Ms S. Seaton
  • Ms E. Sharpston
  • Miss C. Spencer
  • Society of Authors
  • Dr J. Stewart
  • Stichting Ons Erfdeel
  • Studio Per Edizioni Scelte
  • Prof. F. Thistlethwaite
  • University of British Columbia Library
  • University of Michigan Press
  • Verlag Wirtschaft und Finanzen
  • Mr W.B. Voss
  • Dr D Waley
  • Mr C. Walker
  • Mr R. Wood

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