Donations 2000/1

The following members of the College have presented their own works to the College Library:

Mr David K. Ballance
Birds in counties: an ornithological bibliography for the counties of England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man.
Prof. Patrick Bateson
The evolution of cognition (Contributor).
Prof. Martin Bernal
Cadmean letters: the transmission of the alphabet to the Aegean and further west before 1400 B.C.
New political science, 38-39 (1996-7) (Contributor).
Dr Alexander Bird
Philosophy of science.
Thomas Kuhn.
Dr John A. Black
The four elements in Plato’s Timaeus.
Dr Nicholas Brewin
Encyclopedia of microbiology (Contributor).
Mr Laurence B. Brown
Mr Sebastian Carter
Printing & the mind of man.
Mr Rupert Christiansen
The voice of Victorian sex: Arthur Clough, 1819-1861.
Dr Richard Cole
Digging for early porcelain (Co-editor and contributor).
Penny plain, twopence coloured (Contributor).
Prof. Sir Alan Cook
Astronomy & geophysics, 41(6) (Dec. 2000) (Contributor).
Notes and records of the Royal Society, 55(1) (Jan. 2001) (Contributor).
Miss Jocelyn Cornwell
Hard-earned lives: accounts of health and illness from East London.
Dr Winton Dean
Giulio Cesare in egitto (Co-editor).
Prof. John Dunn
The cunning of unreason: making sense of politics.
Dr Roy Dyckhoff
Automatic reasoning with analytic tableaux and related methods (Editor).
Mr John G. Ellis
Financial competition, risk and accountability: British and German experiences (Contributor).
Mr Robert Erskine
A contemporary Robert Burns: whatever next?
Dr Iain Fenlon
Early music history, 19 (Editor).
Dr Richard Fortey
Trilobite!: eyewitness to evolution.
Dr Peter Gautier-Smith
Unwillingly to school.
Mr Douglas Gibbs
Magnificat and nunc dimittis in G (Composer).
A motet for Christmas (Composer).
A new year carol (Composer).
A prayer of St. Benedict (480-543) (Composer).
Te deum laudamus in G (Composer).
Prof. Donald Gillies
Philosophical theories of probability.
Prof. Stanley Glasser
Abafazi: for five female voices a cappella (Composer).
Bric-à-brac for piano, set 7: nos 25-28 (Composer).
Jabula: for solo flute (Composer).
Keyboard doubles for piano quartet (Composer).
Springtime bagatelles for wind trio (Composer).
Zulu proverbs Ii: For Five Female Voices And Percussion (Composer).
Dr Simon Goldhill
Word and image in ancient Greece (Contributor).
Prof. Alexander J. Graham
Collected papers on Greek colonization.
Dr Derek Greenwood
An introduction to nuclear physics, 2nd ed (co-author).
Prof. Ralph Grillo
Here or there?: contrasting experiences of transnationalism; Moroccans and Sengalese in Italy (Co-author).
Dr Andrew Hannon
Innovating in higher education (Co-author).
Prof. Geoffrey Harcourt
50 years a Keynesian and other essays.
L’économie rebelle de Joan Robinson (Editor).
Selected essays on economic policy.
Dr Simon Harvey
Lettre sur les aveugles. Lettre sur les sourds et muets (Co-editor).
Treatise on tolerance and other writings (Editor).
Dr John Henderson
Classical art from Greece to Rome (Co-author).
Telling tales on Caesar: Roman stories from Phaedrus.
Mr Ian Herbert
London theatre record, 1981-1990 [CD-ROM] (Publisher).
The world of theatre, 2000 ed. (Co-editor).
Theatre index, 1988-1999 (Publisher).
Dr J.W. Dominic Hibberd
Harold Monro: poet of the new age.
Miss Juliana Hodkinson
Maps Part 1 Melbourne (Co-author).
Mr David Holbrook
A study of George MacDonald and the image of woman.
Dr Lisa Hopkins
Christopher Marlowe: a literary life.
Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones And Dr James Laidlaw
The essential Edmund Leach (2 vols.) (Editors).
Rev. Dr Robert Innes
The new GP: changing roles and the modern NHS (Co-editor).
Rev. Bob Jackson
There are answers (Co-author).
Sir Michael Jenkins
A house in Flanders.
Mr Neil Jenkins
Christmas oratorio (Editor).
Magnificat in D. Magnificat in E flat (Editor).
St. John Passion (Editor).
St. Matthew Passion (Editor).
Prof. Lee Johnson
Eugène Delacroix: further correspondence, 1817-1863 (Editor).
Nouvelles lettres / Eugène Delacroix (Editor).
Mr Peter Murray Jones
Medical Latin from the late Middle Ages to the eighteenth century (Contributor).
Mr Roger Kidd
Late poems, II.
Prof. Stephen E.G. Lea
The economic psychology of everyday life (Co-author).
Dr Wendy Lesser
The threepenny review, 84 (2001) (Editor and Contributor).
Mr Alexis Lykiard
Jean Rhys revisited.
Mr Stuart Lyons
Can Consignia deliver?: the Post Office in the 21st century.
Prof. Peter Matthews
A short history of structural linguistics.
Prof. Arthur S. Mcgrade
The Cambridge translations of medieval philosophical texts. Vol. 2: Ethics and political philosophy (Co-editor).
Prof. Maurice Obstfeld
Global economic integration (Contributor).
International economics: theory and policy. - 5th ed. (Co-author).
Money, capital mobility and trade (Co-editor).
Mr A. Papazian
000 aroma (2 copies).
Dr Jon Parkin
Science, religion and politics in restoration England: Richard Cumberland’s De legibus naturae.
Dr Stephen Parks
The Yale University Library gazette, 75(1-2) (Oct. 2000).
Rev Dr George Pattison
The later Heidegger.
A short course in the philosophy of religion.
Mr Jan Pienkowski
Bel and Bub and the baby bird.
Bel and Bub and the bad snowball.
Bel and Bub and the big brown fox.
Bel and Bub and the black hole.
Haunted house.
The monster pet (2 issues).
Mr Brian Raynor
John Frith: scholar and martyr: a biography.
Mr Peter Reddaway
The tragedy of Russia’s reforms (Co-author).
Prof. Peter Remnant
New essays on human understanding (Co-editor).
Dr Norvin Richards
Mr William Riviere
Kate Caterina.
Mr Martin Robiette
Plastic optical fibres: practical applications (Translator).
Dr George Rylands (Bequest)
The Argo book of recorded verse. Vol. 5: The Romantics (General editor).
Dick David remembered by his friends (Contributor).
Prof. Mohammed Shaheen
From silence to sound (Editor).
Rt. Hon. Lord Shore Of Stepney
Separate ways: the heart of Europe.
Prof. Herbert Olav Slaymaker
Geomorphology, human activity and global environment change (Editor).
Physical geography and global environment change (Co-author).
Prof. Gerald Smart
Landscapes at risk?: the future for areas of outstanding beauty (Co-author).
Mr Handley M.G. Stevens
Brussels bureaucrats?: the administration of the European Union (Co-author).
Dr Nathaniel Tarn
Three letters from the city: the St. Petersburg poems, 1968-98.
Prof. John K. Truss
Models and computability (Co-editor).
Sets and proofs (Co-editor).
Mr C. Stephen Varcoe
Sing English song: a practical approach to the language and the repertoire.
Mr Roland Vernon
Star in the East: Krishnamurti: the invention of a messiah.
Prof. Stephen Waddams
Sexual slander in nineteenth-century England.
Mr Andrew Watt
The year they dreamed of.
Mr W. Nigel Wenban-Smith
A great zest for living.
Mr Gerhard Wilke
How to be a good enough GP (Co-author).
Dr J. Mallory Wober
Media and monarchy.
Prof. Bertram Wyatt-Brown
The shaping of southern culture: honor, grace and war, 1760s-1880s.

Other gifts to the Library are gratefully acknowledged from the following:

  • Dr S. Alford
  • Prof. B. Bateman
  • Miss J. Brown
  • Chambers and Partners
  • Mr S. Chandratillake
  • Dr M. Chibnall
  • S. Evans, G. Hillier, M. Simmonds and P. Williams (Ynysawdre School, Tofu)
  • Dr G. Fletcher
  • Mr E. Fortune
  • Fondazione Giorgio Cini Istituto di Storia dell’Arte
  • Mr D. Gilson
  • Sir N. Goodison
  • Mrs M. Halley
  • Mr G. Henderson
  • Prof. C. Humphrey
  • Institut Néerlandai
  • Mr P. Jones
  • Dr M. Keynes
  • Dr J. Laurent
  • Prof. F. Lee
  • Miss R. Malloch, Phylloscopus Publications
  • Prof. R. Marchionatti
  • Dr J. M. Massing
  • Prof. D. Michie
  • Miss E. Nacol
  • Prof. S. Nasar
  • W.W. Norton
  • Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
  • Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
  • Penguin Books
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Random House
  • Dr . G. Rylands (bequest)
  • St John’s College, Cambridge
  • Dr G. Salt
  • Dr A. Santangelo
  • Prof. M. Shaheen
  • Ms E. Sharpston
  • Dr H. Shercliff
  • Society of Authors
  • Rev. T.M. Steel
  • Prof. A. Tanner (bequest)
  • Ten Bells Publishing
  • University of Cambridge. Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain
  • Ward Library, Peterhouse
  • Dr M. Weait
  • Dr A. Wells
  • Mr F. Warner
  • Mr Y. Yamamoto
  • Mr A. Zurcher

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