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Heritage Lottery Fund Estates Records Project

John Lodge's map of West Gerardston, Wiltshire. 1 September 1656. (reference: CHA/117)

The King's College estates records for Wiltshire refer to College lands in the following manors:

Ablington, Brixton Deverill, Chalk, Chisenbury, Corsham, Homington, Ogbourne, Stratton St. Margaret, Tilshead and Uphaven

From this page you can view images of selected documents from the Wiltshire records, visit the online catalogue for each estate, provided through Janus, or download a copy of the county catalogue in Microsoft Word format.

Image Gallery

Here are some examples of documents taken from the Wiltshire records.

Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version.

Brixton Deverill receipt Receipt for Brixton Deverill manor, 1546
Ref: KCAR/6/2/22/4 BRD/46
Chalk prebend sale, 1448
Ref: KCAR/6/2/31/7 CHA/12
Prebend sale
Ogbourne rental Rent roll for Ogbourne St George, 1722
Ref: KCAR/6/2/115/3 OGB/54
Chalk valuation, 1813
Ref: KCAR/6/2/31/11 CHA/93
Prebend sale
Robert Shaa's will Will of Robert Shaa, 1657
Ref: KCAR/6/2/161/1 UPA/14
Bond, 1663
Ref: KCAR/6/2/161/1 UPA/28
Upavon bond

Links to the JANUS online catalogue

Click here to visit the online catalogue pages for the estates in Wiltshire:

  • Ablington
  • Brixton Deverill
  • Chalk
  • Chisenbury
  • Corsham
  • Homington
  • Ogbourne
  • Stratton St Margaret
  • Tilshead
  • Upavon

Complete catalogue for Wiltshire

Click on the link below to view the catalogue for the Wiltshire records. Please note the Microsoft Word version of the catalogue is not kept as up-to-date as the online version, available through Janus. You are advised to look at the online version if possible.
[Please note you will need Microsoft Word '97 or later in order to view the document correctly, and it may take some time to download.]

The county catalogue has been arranged alphabetically by estate, but if you are interested in a particular town or village within Wiltshire, you can also download Word catalogues for each estate separately. See the full list of estates here.

Related documents can also be found in the College's Abbey of Bec records. The catalogue for these can be viewed online or downloaded in MS Word format.

If you are interested in viewing any of the documents from the Wiltshire estate records, please Contact the Archive CentreContact Us to arrange an appointment.

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