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Heritage Lottery Fund Estates Records Project

Farmer's letter

Estate: Biggin, Hertfordshire
Category: Estate correspondence
Reference code: KCAR/6/2/15/14 BIG/147

Letter written in English to the King's College bursar by Thomas Green, a farmer of Biggin manor.  'Sir, I am sorry that I have not had it in my power before now to come to Cambridge Sir I wrot to you thinking that you would take it ill not hereing or seeing me before now, but my corn is so very indeferent through the game distroying it that I scarcely can get a market for it but in three weeks I will be at Cambridge. Sir, I am your humble servant, Thomas Green.'

Letter from Thomas Green, farmer of Biggin, to the bursar of King's, explaining the deficiency of his corn crops owing to destructive game birds.

13 January 1818