The King's College Portfolio

King's has created a portfolio of ten prints by contemporary artists. A limited number of these portfolios are now for sale.

The portfolios contain a varied an exciting collection of works that push the boundaries of printmaking. They include prints by Peter Blake, Antony Gormley, W. Barnes-Graham and Anthony Green. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, which means they are works in their own right and not reproductions.

Only 100 of these portfolios have been produced, so at £2,000 each the portfolio is not just a collection of fine prints but also an investment opportunity for those interested in fine art.

The works included in each portfolio are shown below. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Supporting artists today

Proceeds from the sale of the prints will be used to secure the future and development of the King's Art Centre. The Art Centre provides studio, tuition, and exhibition space and is a significant resource for the members of the College and for the city of Cambridge.

Antony Gormley recalls the impact the Art Centre had on his work when he was an undergraduate at Trinity College:

"King's had just started its artist-in-residence programme and it was fantastic that for the first time there were artists living and working in a Cambridge college. Mark Lancaster and Michael Craig Martin were the first of the King's Artists. They introduced me to people like Dick Smith and David Hockney."


Two years of careful work went into the production of the portfolio. Great attention was paid to every aspect of the production, from ensuring the highest quality, acid-free paper to the best available inks.

It was a technically exciting and diverse creation, using techniques from collage to hand-drawn plates, to digital technology - even within a single piece.

Each artist provided Gresham Studio with a challenge, and pushed the medium to its limits. Peter Blake, Jane Dickson and Anthony Green articulated an incredible level of detail and accuracy of registration. Antony Gormley, Alan Davie and Patrick Procktor displayed spectacular control with washes, one of the most fugitive and fragile aspects of printmaking technique.

W. Barns Graham, Sandra Blow, Stephen Buckley and Anthony Frost all showed an exceptionally refined sensitivity to colour and shape.The result is a vivid and powerful collection of prints.


The portfolio received generous support from Dennis Stevenson.

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