Rules and regulations

This is a summary of the rules and regulations concerning undergraduate accommodation. When you have a College room, you enter into a contract with the College and agree to abide by all the rules and policies outlined below, and in the undergraduate handbook.

Tenancy dates and vacations

  • You must insure you keep to the residency dates, and do not stay in residence outside of the permitted dates.
  • If you wish to stay in college for longer than the dates of your contract, you must obtain permission from the Assistant Tutor - see the FAQs.
  • Towards the end of each term, you are required to notify the Accommodation Officer towards the end of term when you intend to depart, and when you are returning (if applicable.) This is done via an electronic form.
  • If you are on the short contract, you must clear your room of all belongings during all vacations.
    If you are on the long contract, you must clear you room of all belongings during the summer vacation.
  • Before leaving for vacations, your room must be left in an acceptable state. More detailed instructions will be circulated nearer the time.


  • You must not play music between 11pm and 8:30am.

Guests and guest rooms

  • You are allowed to have one guest stay overnight in your room, and for a maximum of three nights in a row. Camp beds can be loaned from the Porters' Lodge. It is not permitted for guests to stay in your absence.
  • Guests can also stay in guest rooms (email ). Guest rooms at other colleges may also be available at the Cambridge Rooms site.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • You must allow your bedder to have access to your room at least once per week for cleaning. (Please note she or he does not actually make the bed - you are expected to do this yourself.)
  • You must co-operate with your bedder in ensuring your room is kept reasonably clean and tidy.
  • Shared bathrooms must be left clean and tidy.
  • It is not permitted to use shower attachments in bathrooms which do not have showers installed, as these can cause flooding and damage to plumbing.
  • Pins, sticky tape, blu-tack, white-tack and adhesives must not be used, as they can cause damage. If your room is fitted with picture rails, you can obtain picture hooks from the Senior Housekeeper. The use of Magic Whiteboards and related products, which do not leave marks, are permitted.
  • Additional heaters are not permitted unless provided by the college. This is because their energy consumption is often excessive, and their use can conceal faults with the main heating system. We aim to heat rooms to approximately 20 degrees Celsius - if your room is not maintaining this, please check your radiator valve, and if you continue to have problems, please log a maintenance request.
  • If you suspect an electrical fault, water leak, or any other urgent building fault, you should contact the Porters' Lodge immediately (331100). Any other repairs and maintenance requests should be logged on the maintenance ticketing system or in the Porters' Lodge. (Please note the online reporting system unfortunately does not currently work using Firefox or Safari browsers.) After you have logged a request, college staff may enter your room to attend to the fault in your  absence.
  • If you suspect you might have clothes moths in your room, please report this immediately using the maintenance ticketing system. These can spread very quickly and cause a lot of damage, so it is important this is logged quickly.
  • You are responsible for any damage caused to your room or furniture beyond reasonable wear and tear, whether accidental or otherwise. Do not try to do your own repairs; it is often dangerous, and in any case will not be accepted in lieu of payment.
  • The College has to undertake work to maintain the buildings throughout the year. Very occasionally, you may be required to vacate your room while projects are undertaken. In such cases, notice will be given in advance and alternative College rooms provided.


  • When you use cooking facilities, you must not leave your cooking unattended.
  • After you have used cooking facilities, please leave them clean and tidy, and do not leave dirty dishes behind.
  • Communal refridgerators, where provided, must be kept tidy.
  • You are not permitted to have or use any cooking equipment in college accommodation, including the communal areas, beyond that which is provided by the college. The only exception to this is an electric kettle.
  • If you use a cafetiere, please insure grounds are poured into the bin, not down the sink.
  • Please do not wash dishes in your room washbasins, as this can cause cracks and marks. Please wash dishes in the metal sinks provided in gyp rooms / kitchens.


  • College rooms are furnished, and you are responsible for ensuring that the furniture supplied is not damaged during your occupancy of the room. Any damage that does occur should be reported to the Senior Housekeeper.
  • You must consult and obtain permission from the Domus Bursar before bringing any items of your own furniture to College. Any furniture you bring into College must conform to statutory fire regulations. Personal items must be removed from your room at the end of each term if you are on a short contract, and all items must be removed by your last day in College at the end of the Easter Term.
  • College furniture may not be removed from your room under any circumstances.
  • You are not permitted to bring carpets, rugs, bean bags or matting to College with you. This is to avoid the spread of clothes moths and other infestations.
  • Fairy/festoon lights are prohibited, and candles are not allowed in rooms (even as decorative items.)

Prevention of Condensation and Mould Growth

  • We get many complaints about mould growth in student rooms. This is almost always caused by condensation, rather than by ‘damp’ or building defects, and it is entirely preventable.
  • When cooking, boiling water, bathing, showering, washing, or drying clothes, keep the window open and close the door afterwards for long enough to dry the room, and use extractor fans where provided.
  • If you experience condensation problems, before logging a maintenance request, ensure you are ventilating your room adequately. Too much ventilation in cold weather is uncomfortable and wastes heat – all that is required is a slightly opened window or ventilator for a few hours each day, particularly whilst the room is occupied. Where there is a choice, open the upper part of a window – a 10mm gap will be sufficient.


  • If any student loses either their room key or C1 (gate) key, there is a charge of £20 for replacement.


  • The voltage of the electric supply in College and all the hostels is 230V at 50Hz.
  • Sockets must not be overloaded.
  • Laptop computers and mobile telephone chargers with non-UK plugs may be only used with an adaptor loaned from the Porters’ Lodge.
  • All other appliances must display the CE or BS mark (European/British Standard), and be fitted with an appropriately-fused UK 13A plug (embossed with “BS1363”).
  • For devices with detachable 3-pin IEC mains leads, suitable IEC mains leads with UK plugs are available for loan from the Porters’ Lodge.

Portable Appliance Testing

  • All electrical appliances brought into College must be tested for electrical safety.
  • We carry out a full test of all items in Michaelmas term – if you bring in anything after this, you must present it to the Porters’ Lodge to be tested.
  • All items have to be re-tested annually in Michaelmas term.
  • Non-compliant items will be removed and held by Porters’ Lodge. They will be returned at end of term or on request, subject to them being removed from College premises immediately and without use.

Rubbish and waste disposal

  • Rubbish, other than items for recycling, will be removed by your bed-maker each day.
  • There are various recycling points around the College for paper, glass, and cans, and it is your responsibility to ensure that recyclable waste is taken to the appropriate recycling point.
  • Please do not leave waste bins (or any other items) in the corridor outside your room door.


  • There is a Television Room on the first floor of A staircase and in some hostels.
  • Students who wish to watch television set in their own room will need to buy a TV licence. This also applies to watching live television on your computer. You must ensure that the noise from watching television does not disturb others.


  • Smoking is not permitted at all in the following buildings: Keynes, Webbs, Garden Hostel, Market Hostel, Bene't Street Hostel, or any graduate buildings (Grasshopper Lodge, Cranmer Road hostel, Tennis Court Road hostel, Whichcote House, Kingsfield, King’s Parade and St Edward’s Passage.)
  • In all other accommodation areas, smoking is only permitted in students' private rooms, and not on any balconies or in any communal areas.
  • The burning of joss sticks, incense or any kind of fragrance oils is not permitted for fire safety reasons.

Living outside of college accommodation

  • With the Assistant Tutor’s permission, you may live out of college accommodation in your second year or above if you wish.
  • Your lodgings must be approved by the College, and you must input your new address in CamSIS self-service (in the “term time address” field.)
  • Anyone who wishes to live more than 3 miles from Great St Mary’s Church must obtain special permission from the University, through the Assistant Tutor.  
  • More information about finding private accommodation can be found on the Student Advice Centre website.
  • Students who rent College rooms are required to give, in writing, a minimum of one Term’s notice to the Accommodation Officer if they intend to move out during the academical year otherwise rent is charged for the notice period.
  • Students who wish to give up a college room they have chosen for a forthcoming academic year must notify the Accommodation Officer by the preceding 6 October, otherwise they will still be liable for Michaelmas term’s rent.

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