Graduate Rents

Rents vary according to size and location of room. The rent charged includes electricity, heating, water, hot water and internet access. There is also a separate kitchen fixed charge, and a charge for possessions insurance.  Details of the levels of cover provided, and how to upgrade this, are available from the insurance provider, at NW Brown.


  Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6
Weekly rent £99.78 £111.35 £122.90 £134.46 £146.02 £157.59
Quarterly rent £1300.70 £1451.53 £1602.09 £1752.78 £1903.48 £2054.30
Yearly rent £5202.81 £5806.11 £6408.36 £7011.13 £7613.90 £8217.19
Kitchen Fixed Charge
First year £129.70
Second year and higher £64.85

Rent periods for single room

Graduate students pay rent on a quarterly basis. New tenancies normally start on the Friday immediately before full Michaelmas term starts and run until 30th of June, with an option to extend into the summer months if required. In this case, students who are not continuing in College accommodation for the following academic year are required to vacate in early September (by the weekend three weeks before Matriculation). Final year students who graduate at the July ceremony are required to vacate their rooms the day after the ceremony.


We often receive requests from students who have thesis deadlines or vivas in late September or early October, and would like a short extension to their accommodation. We are regrettably not normally able to help with these requests due to this being the time of year when new students are arriving,

Notice period

The college requires a one month notice of any early departures or amendments to tenancy dates. Failure to notify the accommodation officer in writing (or by email) in due time will result in your accommodation charge continuing throughout the notice period after you have vacated.

September discount

Any student occupying the same college room from October to to the following September will have half price rent for the month of September.

Couples and Family Accommodation

Unlike our single rooms, rents at our larger properties do not include electricity, insurance, internet, phone or TV services. However, the college does pay the water and sewerage bills. There is also no Kitchen Fixed Charge on these properties. If there is at least one person per household thats is not a student, there is normally some liability for Council Tax - further details are available on the Cambridge City Council website (note - Croft Gardens flats are in Council Tax band D).

2016/17 Rents

  • Croft Gardens: £952 per calendar month
  • 15 St Edward's Passage: £1175.68 per calendar month


Graduate rents for last academic year (2016/17)

  Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6
Weekly rent £93.35 £104.18 £114.98 £125.80 £136.62 £147.44
Quarterly rent £1216.88 £1358.06 £1498.85 £1639.89 £1780.94 £1921.99
Yearly rent £4867.54 £5432.24 £5995.39 £6559.57 £7123.76 £7687.94
Kitchen Fixed Charge
First year £127.65
Second year and higher £63.81


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