This page lists a number of frequently asked questions about graduate accommodation. Please click the links below to skip to the section you require.

Problems with rooms

There is a problem with the room or building I live in

Any maintenance issues should be reported using the maintenance ticketing system. Please note this page only works using Internet Explorer or Chrome – it does not work in Firefox or Safari at present. Alternatively, maintenance tickets can also be logged at the Porters’ Lodge. Please make a note of the job number when you make a report, in case of later queries. Also, please insure you only log one problem per request – if you have more than one problem, log a separate request for each one.

Anything related to buildings and services within them (plumbing, heating, electrical) can be reported using this system. This is also the place to request replacement light bulbs, and report problems with college-supplied electrical items such as fridges and desk lamps.

In an emergency please call the Maintenance department directly on (3)31220, or if there is no answer or it is outside of working hours, call the Porters' Lodge on (3)31656.

Any more general enquiries about Maintenance issues should be addressed the Clerk of Works, Peter Young - , or the Maintenance Administrator, David Camps - . If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from a maintenance request, please contact the Domus Bursar, Philip Isaac - .

I have a query about the cleaning / bedder service in the room or building I live in

Please email the Senior Housekeeper, Tracy Waldock - .

I have a query about furnishings in my room

Please email the Senior Housekeeper, Tracy Waldock - .

Can I move to a different room?

During the academic year, we do not normally allow students to move rooms without a good reason. If you would like to move rooms, please contact the Accommodation Officer (accommodation.officer@kings.cam.ac.uk) in the first instance, and explain the reason you would like to move rooms. You will need to have permission from the Assistant Tutor to move rooms.

You should bear in mind that if you move rooms during the year, you will lose your entitlement to half price rent in September if you do so. (Half price rent in September is only offered to students who have lived in the same room from October through to September.)

I think my room rent band is too high. Can it be changed?

Room rent bands are intended to be an approximate ranking of our rooms' perceived desirability. Factors that can influence a room's rent band include its size, location, cooking and bathroom facilities, and the contracts that it is available on. However, it should be noted that there is no "magic formula" which determines what rent band a room should be - it is relatively subjective, and has evolved over a number of years through a combination of the college's discretion and student feedback.

It should also be noted that there are only six rent bands to categorise a hugely diverse range of rooms. Many of our more modern buildings are relatively uniform from one room to the next, but some of our older buildings there are no two rooms the same, so it is unavoidable that there will be some variation in the sizes of rooms even within the same rent band.

Bearing all this in mind, if you think your room is inappropriately banded for any reason, please email the Accommodation Officer (accommodation.officer@kings.cam.ac.uk) in the first instance. In the majority of cases, we will not amend rent bands midway through the academic year, because this would undermine the basis on which rooms were allocated in the first place, but if there is a significant discrepancy then this can be amended for the following academic year. The only instance in which we do sometimes amend rent bands during the academic year, is if there has been some kind of major unanticipated disruption in the building, and these changes need to be agreed by college Council. It is also important that the average rent band across the college remains reasonably consistent over time, so that annual decisions on rents do not become skewed by the banding system. So if we reduce a room's rent band, we would also look to find another one to increase by the same amount.

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Guest rooms

How do I book a guest room?

To book a guest room, or for any enquiries, please email .

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Residency and vacation dates

I would like to move out of college accommodation. What do I do?

Please email the Accommodation Officer (accommodation.officer@kings.cam.ac.uk). We require one month’s notice to cancel a booking earlier than the normal dates – if you do not give this notice, you will be required to pay rent to the end of the notice period.

I have been told I need to vacate in early-September, but I would like an extension. Is this possible?

We are only able to offer accommodation for the whole of the month of September if you are also occupying a college room in the forthcoming academic year. If you are finishing your course, or for any reason not taking up a college room in the coming year, then we require you to vacate by the weekend three weeks before matriculation. This is in order that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned before new students arrive, and also that existing students can move into their new rooms and their old ones be cleaned in time.

Every year we receive a number of requests from students seeking a few weeks of accommodation because they have a submission date or viva scheduled for late September or early October, and in the majority of cases we are regrettably unable to help. If it is very important to you not to move right before your submission date, please insure you plan accordingly, as you may have more flexibility in your submission date than we do in offering a few weeks of accommodation.

I have dropped off the register of King's graduate students - can I continue to use my college room?

Generally speaking, if you cease to be a King's graduate student, even if only temporarily, you are no longer entitled to college accommodation. However, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to be flexible with when you are asked to move out. Please email the Accommodation Officer (accommodation.officer@kings.cam.ac.uk) if you have any queries.

I am going away on fieldwork for a few weeks/months. Can I keep my room?

If you go away during the academic year for any reason, you have two options:

  • If the period of time is relatively short (upto a month), you can keep your belongings in your room and return to it when you come back, but you will still be charged rent as though you are still living in the room. This is what will happen by default, if you do not contact the Accommodation Officer to notify otherwise.
  • If you do not wish to continue paying rent when you are away, you can simply give in one month notice to cancel your tenancy. Please email the Accommodation Officer (accommodation.officer@kings.cam.ac.uk) to do this. If you choose this option, you must completely vacate your room of all your belongings, as someone else may use it in your absence. If you require accommodation when you return, it is usually possible to keep the same room, provided you let the Accommodation Officer know approximately when you are coming back at the point at which you give in your notice. However, this is not guaranteed - your room may be given to another student in the meantime if considered a higher priority. In this case we would offer you an alternative room if there is one available.

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Storage of belongings during vacations

I am going to be away from college for an extended period, and not renting a room. Is there anywhere I can store my belongings?

There is a graduate trunk room in Gibbs building. If you would like to store some belongings in these, please contact Caroline White (caroline.white@kings.cam.ac.uk). Availability is limited, so you may be asked to restrict yourself to a certain number of boxes. There is also a storage cupboard at Whichcote House for students living there – please contact the graduate warden for access. Please insure all belongings are placed in good quality bags or boxes (no carrier bags please), and marked clearly with your name, email address, phone number, and expected date of collection. There are also various commercial self-storage companies in Cambridge, although as a college we cannot endorse any companies in particular.

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