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Graduate Ballot 2017/18 – Provisional Categories and Ballot Name List - click here

The room ballot is the process used to decide how accommodation is allocated to all non-first year students. If you have taken part in the graduate room ballot before, the process for 2017/18 will be the same as last year, and you are advised to read the text below detailing the important dates. If you have not participated in the ballot before, or if you would like to know more about how the process works, please read the ballot procedures page.

Brief overviews of the different accommodation buildings available to graduates, and their floor plans are available on the floor plans page.

Further information  on general rooms is available on the KORDS websites - please note this site are run by KCSU so the college cannot guarantee accuracy. If you find any incorrect information please email

Important dates

Monday 8th May (9am) Deadline for special requirements consideration via email response
Monday 8th May (9am) Deadline to opt in to Graduate Ballot via online form
Tuesday 9th May Preliminary ballot names list published. Note this is a list of the categories you are in not the ballot order
Thursday 11th May (1pm) Deadline for reporting any errors / queries regarding the preliminary categories list. No changes can be made after this time so you must check that you are on the right list. No exceptions as it affects everyone else's appointment time and order.
Friday 12th May Random ballot to be drawn in the morning (tutorial office). Appointments for room selection to be published in the afternoon.
Tuesday 16th + Wednesday 17th May Room selections. (will extend into early evenings on both days)

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