Climate change discussion

Herbert HuppertMartin Rees and Michael GrubbAlexander OrlovJohn Young

A panel discussion called 'Climate Change: Insight from King's' was held on 30 September 2008 in London for King's Fellows and alumni. Experts from King's discussed insights stemming from their academic research and explored the scientific, economic and political aspects of climate change.

The panel included Lord Martin Rees (President of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal), John Young (Professor of Applied Thermodynamics), Alexander Orlov (Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, State University of New York) and Michael Grubb (Chief Economist at the UK Carbon Trust and member of the independent Committee on Climate Change).

Listen to the discussion (requires Flash Player), or download the audio file (MP3, high quality). Theoretical geophysicist Prof Herbert Huppert introduces the discussion.

Right: Participants at 'Climate Change: Insight from King's', from top to bottom: Herbert Huppert, Lord Rees with Michael Grubb, Alexander Orlov, John Young

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