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Green initiatives

Green globe in a pair of handsAt the King's College Catering Department, 'Welcome' means a lot more than a warm greeting:

  • Waste management
  • Ethical
  • Local supply
  • Community
  • Ownership
  • Manage
  • Environment

Our environmental mission statement

King's Conference & Dining Department recognises a need to act in an environmentally conscious manner, and is committed to a sustainable development strategy to ensure a better quality of life for everyone; now, and for generations to come.

Satisfaction of customers' needs is the pillar of our business. We are eager to provide a service that meets customer expectations, but we also need to exceed such expectation through high standard performances, involving the protection of our environment in every activity we undertake.

Transforming initiatives into action

Buying locally

Wherever possible we buy locally and seasonally. This means we can guarantee fresh food at the same time as supporting local producers and decreasing our carbon impact.


We are now a Fairtrade College, working with the Fair Trade Foundation. Our aim is to provide a constant range of fair-trade products in all of the catering outlets, from conference coffee to Coffee Shop snacks. All sales contribute to a better standard of living for struggling third world producers.

Water Well Project

We have introduced Water Well Project. With your help we can raise funds to participate in this mission and provide clean drinking water tanks in South African communities.

Save the Rainforest Campaign

To help to protect areas of rainforest in countries of South America, we are in partnership with Puro Fair Trade supporting their initiatives selling the products that can make a difference.

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