The School and boarding

The Choristers are all educated at King’s College School, located across the river on West Road, just a few minutes’ walk from King’s College.

Choristers filming

Choristers learning about film making

The School is a leading independent co-educational prep school with 400 boys and girls aged 4 – 13. Receiving excellent reports in its inspections,  the School has a wide range of modern facilities which provide for an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities, from sport to theatre to music. Despite these excellent resources, it retains the intimate 'family feel' of a small school where teachers are able to get to know each child individually.

The Choristers undertake a rigorous but rewarding course of study and activities.  Many go on to win music awards to leading secondary schools at the end of their time at the School.


The school fees for Choristers are supported in large part by King’s College: the current Chorister fees are roughly one-third of the full boarding fee. However, King’s makes every effort to ensure that choristerships are open to any boy of the right musical ability regardless of financial circumstances. Please get in touch with the School if you would like to find out more about bursaries (01223 365814 or ).


All of the Choristers are full-boarders in term-time, living in the School’s boarding house alongside a few non-chorister weekly-boarders.

During a boy’s first two years in the Choir, he is called a Probationer and receives training to become a full Chorister. He is eased gently into full-boarding: first year Probationers can go home every weekend, while second years gradually remain at School for longer periods of time.

Playing Pooh sticks

Playing Pooh sticks

Boys come from across the country, and even from across the world, to become Choristers at Kings; boarding very soon helps to create a strong group identity as boys grow up and work together in a warm, supportive environment.

Although the Choristers have to combine their busy Choir schedule with school work, the boarding house staff ensure that they have plenty of down-time. At the end of each day, activities are put on for the boys to allow them to let off some steam if they want to, or they can relax in one of the well-equipped, comfortable common rooms. At all times, but in particular at the weekends, the Choristers have full use of the School’s excellent facilities.

In the School's most recent full inspection, the report described the quality of boarding as "excellent": 

The excellent outcomes achieved for boarders are strengthened by the sensitive but practical approach adopted by the boarding staff team, which has a positive impact on the development of the boarders' integrity and independence.

Academia, extra-curricular and sports

The Choristers take part fully in the School’s curriculum, rated by the School’s most recent inspection as 'outstanding'. The Choristers also make full use of all the School’s extra-curricular and sports facilities. To find out more about the academic curriculum, and extra-curricular and sports opportunities for your son, please visit the King’s College School website.

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