The Choir in pictures

Daily services

The Choir was founded by Henry VI (1421 - 1471) to sing daily services. This is still the Choir's most important role and they sing services every day during term time. The choristers wear their traditional black gowns and top hats as they walk across from King's College School to the Chapel. You are welcome to attend the choral services they sing (see Chapel services).

Choristers walking through the Back Gate
Choristers walking past the Gibbs Building
The Choir singing in the Chapel
Choir singing a service
Stephen Cleobury conducting
The Choir in procession

On tour

The Choir rehearsing in a concert hall, Taiwan
Choristers in black gowns, Hong Kong
The Choir in Hildesheim Cathedral
Stephen Cleobury at the Festival de la Chaise-Dieu
The Choir in Seoul, 2011
The Choir in Shanghai

Behind the scenes

Choristers practising at King's College School
Chorister preparing for a service
Choristers preparing for a service
Choristers having a snack after a service
Choristers posing in a photoshoot
Choristers relaxing outside the Chapel


The Choir in the Chancel of the Chapel
The Choir, the Dean and Chapel staff at the West Door of the Chapel
Choristers next to Gibbs' Building
Collegium Regale (the Choral Scholars)
The Choir in the Front Court
The Choir beneath the grand organ of the Chapel

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