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Match the correct term with each sentence. You can use the words more than once.

  1. relates to the ownership and custody of archival documents before they were deposited in a repository. It is important to know this when considering authenticity and reliability.
  2. is important because it helps to retain contextual information, allows one to make inferences from the documents next to the item you are looking at and may even help you to find other relevant documents.
  3. is the study of the form of a document, rather than the content, and is often used to determine if something is authentic.
  4. If something is what it appears to be, it is .
  5. If the information within a document is correct, it is .
  6. Documents which aren’t can still be , for example a transcript by somebody you trust. You will have to consider the of the document and look at other sources to decide whether you believe it is evidence of a particular event.

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