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With administrative records dating back to the College's foundation in 1441, and records of estates granted by King Henry VI dating back to the 11th Century, there are many conservation requirements for the College Archives. These documents are our College's memory, its historic reference, and its future resource ... but their physical condition is far from secure. Some volumes are steadily deteriorating, and some maps cannot be produced for researchers because they are too fragile to handle. A conservation programme for cleaning, repairing, re-housing, and re-binding is already place, but we would like to ask for your support in continuing this vital work.

  • £30,000 will pay for the completion of the College Archive catalogue by funding a one-year post for a full-time cataloguer
  • £2,500 will pay for one week of intensive cleaning of the College Archives by professional Conservators
  • £1,000 will pay for the de-acidification, paper repair, and re-binding of one volume in the Commons Book series of accounts, which date from 1447
  • £350 will pay for parchment repairs and cleaning of one of many damaged estate maps
  • £300 will pay for the de-acidification, repair, and encapsulation in clear melinex sleeves of 10 letters sent to Provosts and Bursars, 1519-1797, relating to the resignation of Fellowships, financing the Gibbs' Building, or administration of estate lands.

If you are able to contribute any sum, large or small, please contact the Archivist for further information. In return, your gift will be acknowledged in the College's Annual Report, the conserved document will have a name-plate acknowledging the source of the donation, and you will receive a detailed conservation report on the work undertaken.

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