Second Bursar

Simeon was elected Second Bursar seven years in a row. That meant he was in charge of collecting rents and administering a third of the College endowment, which was in the form of landed estates. This was a time when England was enclosing open commons land, whereby plots of the newly enclosed land were allotted to local landowners in proportion to the value of their land. One job that fell to Simeon during his Bursarship was to decide how to assign the College allotments in the St Giles enclosure award.

Those allotments were very useful fifty years later when the College successfully negotiated with Clare College to share a cricket pitch across the boundary between the two Colleges. The shared pitch was in use for nearly 40 years until the site was commandeered for the First Eastern Military Hospital, and subsequently the University Library. See here for the history of that site.

The University Library was built in the early 1930s and is visible from King’s College, across the river. The University Library, St John’s College Chapel tower, and King’s College Chapel are the tallest buildings in Cambridge.


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