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February  2012

Letter from CM Keddie to King's College(1970)Larger image

Letter from CM Keddie to King's College (1970)

This month we look at the photo album of Charles Mackay Keddie. The album contains a selection of team and group photographs from 1909 to 1912.

Keddie came up to King's from Dulwich College, London in 1909. He was active in college sport and captained both the King's cricket and rugby teams. Following graduation Keddie went out to Calcutta to take up a job in the jute trade.

His interest in sport travelled with him to Asia and at one time he was President of both the Bengal and Calcutta Rugby Football Clubs.

In 1952 Keddie received an OBE for his work in the Indian jute trade. He retired and left India two years later. Upon his return to England he took up a job as the manager of a small discount broking firm in the City of London, and remained there until 1970.

He died 8 July 1978 at the age of 88, and left his photo album to the college.

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